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  1. Neil, could you kindly forward following to the developers of FM? The Multi-threading / multi cores are not utilized 100 % of the game. The day, to day processing of a day is super heavily dependent on (Single) CPU power (and RAM to some extent), while todays systems are limited (compared to the 90s/00s) in how fast they can be (example due to heat and power consumption). Users have raised this concern for several years, but there have not been proper reply what entails for the future (is it due to budget, not possible or the company don't want to). The game does not seem to be optimized for speed, match engine and smoothness, but rather packing new futures. New FM editions and their futures will not be as heavily appriciated if the Speed of the game feels slow(er) and Match Engine isn't working as it should (sometimes it works in FM X, then it breaks for the next). 1. We want to be able to play with several leagues, lots of players and full detail for competitions, knowing all cores and threads are being optimally used instead of being heavily dependent on single/duo processor speed. 2. Please fix the Match Engine for good, so future editions don't break this awsome future (it's core for the game). I would rather have things fixed and optimized rather than have new features. Features can be added at later time.
  2. For Football Manager XY: How much better is Intel 10th generation compared to Intel 9th generation?
  3. The whole thing where you try to create your own freekick tactic is so frustrating. AND when I try to save the freekick tactic and reload it, the players position are moved? How are you guys handling the freekicks? Are you just leaving it to default one?
  4. The average is climbing to 9.26! One question: When I try to praise the players the week after the previous praise: They, sometimes, don't appriciate the praise of 9.X training rating. How come they are not appriciating the praise (negatively hits overall happiness)? Could it be, the system does not accept someone getting praised every week (even if it's appropriate)?
  5. Team: Torquay United Average Training facilities League: English Sky Bet League Two Squad: I only have Main team, and they are total 24 (I rotate 22 players each match). (no U23 or U18 no players in these squads) Training: I use custom made training schedule done for my tactic (One main used all season for 1 match schedule and one main used all season for 2 match schedule) , and have custom preseason. Fitness. One trainer is 4 star the other 3 star (as both are sharing workload: 3.5) Goalkeeper: 3 and 3.5 - shared workload =3 Coaches: Shared workload between 2 and 3. [<<<Average Training: 8.60!>>>] going to loan out two players that are lowest (and don't play any games: 7,25 and 6,75) that should bump up my average rating. ---- Players are growing good, but not great as my coach quality is not the best, same goes to training facility.
  6. Hi Hope someone here can suggest a laptop for on the market. My budget is 3 000 Euro for a gaming 17" Laptop. I don't care about the battery life or the weight (my current one is old and almost 4.5 KG). The PC is hopefully quite during non-gaming (maybe downclocking is possible so I can reduce heat and noise from the fans). The CPU needs to be the new 10th gen (I7 or I9), fast SSD (1 TB at least), fast & large RAM (32 GB or more). My target is to play with loads of players and leagues in full details in fast speed. Was thinking of maybe buying from here (the XMG gaming PC): GRAFIKKARTE: 1 x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER | 8GB GDDR6 PROZESSOR: 1 x Intel Core i9-10900K ARBEITSSPEICHER: 4 x 32 GB (128 GB) DDR4-3200 Samsung SSD (M.2): 1 x 1 TB M.2 Samsung 970 PRO | PCIe 3.0 x4 | NVMe From: https://bestware.com/en/xmg-ultra-17.html#product.info.configuration PS: Should I wait for Black Friday instead?
  7. Regarding your quote: "I'm thinking of restarting as I'm getting really fed up with nobody bidding for my players. " (when having small/medium/large/Huge+++ database)
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