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  1. Started a game with Dynamo today. Interesting save! Decided to get some foreign talent early, to get 4-5 super players that fill up foreign slots and get the rest filled with best Ukrainians. Sold Vida and Dragovic for 7,5 and 22,5 million Euros respectively and got Balanta back. Line-up now: Shovkovskiy (will be Koval when he gets back) - Gusev, Khacheridi, Balanta, Antunes - Garmash, Veloso - Yarmolenko, Tariq, Lens - Mbokani. 2nd string: Rybka - Danilo Silva, Chechev (33 yo bought for 1M), Azatskyi (own youth with potential), Makarenko - Sydorchuk, Haruna - Kalitvintsev, Rybalka, Belhanda - Teodorczyk/Kravets. Got Jovic coming in, looking to offload Antunes, Veloso, Haruna, Lens, Mbokani and Teodorczyk gradually to clear more foreign spots.
  2. Really don't know what anyone is talking about. This tactic is insane. I just defeated Real Madrid in the semi's of the CL with Barcelona... 10-0.
  3. Vincent Aboubakar performs brilliantly for me in my Inter save. Scored 30 goals in 22 league games now!
  4. This tactic is ridiculously underrated. I've implemented the tactic with Atletico (unbeaten in second season, winning league, CL and Copa del Rey), Internazionale (Serie A, Europa League and Coppa Italia) and Anderlecht (league, semi-final CL, cup win). Strikers score for fun!
  5. Might do it, but for now I wouldn't recommend Ajax. First the Dutch salaries need to be fixed, otherwise you lose your best players each year.
  6. Why is almost everyone so uppity about intimidation in a football game? That's been happening for ages. As long as you don't progress into physical stuff and/or racism/discrimination/that type of thing, it's perfectly part of the game. If you can't stand that, please, you don't need to be in the quarters of a World Cup.
  7. I'm not even nervous for tonights game. Am I crazy or just plain wrong?
  8. You might even blame Belgiums attack for not reaching the semi's. It shouldn't be that hard to overcome a 1-0 trailing. (Dangerous for a Dutchie to do this kind of statements before a match against Argentina )
  9. Though I'd never do that as a neutral, I understand: it's an underdog thing. People always want to see the favourites fail. Costa Rica were really horrendous, QF unworthy attacking play. Luck and a good defence is what kept them in the game.
  10. Let them hate. I enjoy this way more than the previous 25 years wherein everybody loved us, but we would crash and burn at the first real hurdle.
  11. Man, that game. 4-0 wouldn't have been a flattering victory at all. Epic penalty series (Krul five times in the right corner, all our four penalties just off the post) though.
  12. I really want to play Belgium, yes. I'm pretty sure we go out in semi's whatever the opposition, and Belgium is my second favourite team. Humiliation though? I thought Belgium was pretty exposed at the back yesterday. You haven't had real opposition this whole tournament as well.
  13. I just don't know what to say anymore De Jongs injury is problematic. Not only qualitywise, but also in terms of mentality. He's the real captain of this team, correcting players where needed in game. Still, Costa Rica is doable, semi's to be the end station. Which is way better than I imagined three weeks ago.
  14. Nothing one drunk trashing of a city can't do.
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