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  1. Genésio Nunes

    Merry Christmas !

    You are going too unidimensional with the same roles and duties on both sides. Where's the runners from midfield? How your MA will conrtibute with the striker? Just kidding, man, Merry Christmas to all of you.
  2. Genésio Nunes

    Question about mentality in FM17

    It was happening with me, but in a determinated situation: I change some individual instruciton to a player, and at the time to click at X to close the player instruction, I click a little below. So a actually click under this screen, changing my saved tactic.
  3. Is anyone get some problem with ofensive crosses? My player can only cross at GK hands, or outside the field. Or at the marker.
  4. I'm cheating when using all the tight mark, closing down, tackle hard, and show onto weak foot at OP instructions? By doind this my team plays at defense exactly how I want. Do you think its cheating, or using some legal tool in a "bad" way?
  5. I'm so embarassed... After play all the demo without the classic tactical due to dont find how to pick a Target Man or a Playmaker, I found it on the Tactics/Set Pieces menu. Thanks for the answer, Rb, and sorry for my mistake! But if you read it, and if it is possible, its important see the preferred foot from a player on the Overview/Profile... Or allow us to put the Overview/Attributes as default! Good job on the biggest work on earth...
  6. In the Classic Tacticals its impossible set a Target Man and the Playmaker. There are no options!
  7. For me the big problem is that everybody tries make us believe that it is normal. I dont't think it is normal. If someone say to me: Yes, we made a mistake, and the 10.3 will correct it, I really will be relaxed.
  8. Genésio Nunes

    Size of Fm10 at Steam

    Here you are my Editor... The most recent DirectX ...
  9. Genésio Nunes

    Size of Fm10 at Steam

    Here you are my Editor... The most recent DirectX ...
  10. Genésio Nunes

    Size of Fm10 at Steam

    I'll re-download it... But for me the problem is my connection with the internet. It's so slow... Well, the problem at Editor is that it be White. When i click in the editor's icon, the screen becomes white! And there are a little whiter cursor too...
  11. Genésio Nunes

    Size of Fm10 at Steam

    Thank you, Matt! Probably is some problem with the Windows7, or my PC. By the way: a PC who runs the game can obviously run the editor, right? The game is running normaly here!
  12. Genésio Nunes

    Size of Fm10 at Steam

    Well, the editor isnt opening... I think that the steam misses any file! Is the right size 2,10 Gb? Thanks!
  13. Genésio Nunes

    Steam Threat

    It simply doesn't make sense! The piracyans is playing the game. Some people who pre-order the game is playing. And we, who bought it at Steam, have to wait 2 days, or 48 hours... Why does it happens? Does it really make sense? I don't think so.