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  1. I think this is just you making gross assumptions. Some people would prefer seeing how their tactics fare in practice (i.e. via the visual representation of ME) before making tweaks. Not everyone is able to mentally theorize about how to create more/defend better without some form of visual aid. Calling this "beating" the ME is not very constructive don't you think?
  2. 1) What is wrong with the game randomly changing some non-essential rules like no. of subs? I don't think he's asking for SI to predict future decisions of FIFA. 2) Agree but I don't think that's the intention of his change. Yes it can be subject to abuse so I'm actually more in favor of random events affecting the game world. 3) Hmm I don't see how giving users control over non-essential game rules (not that I agree, see (2)) will affect the experience of picking up old games, because at the start of the game, the rules would be as per the game year. I also don't think he's asking for game patches from SI to update competition rules (he doesn't mention SI in any of his posts...).
  3. Sorry I think you're creating a strawmen argument here. What he's trying to convey is that some rules change over time and that FM should strive to have this kind of variability AFTER you have started the game, either through some form of in-game editor or a random event occurrence in-game. You seem quite fixated on the fact that he wants to change some of the rules as he sees fit so that it adheres more closely to real-life rules, but this is just ONE of the ways that the rules in the game can stay current: through user-driven customisation.
  4. I think the point still stands though; that if the reason that the squad AI is not up to scratch is that people at SI are not smart enough to do it (and it sounds damn conceited to me if you say that nobody else can do it better) then I don't see why I want to continue to spend my hard-earned money buying a game that I'm ultimately not satisfied with. wwfan's justification that we need to help the process along by reporting bugs doesn't fly for me.
  5. Why do you think it's difficult to fix transfer AI? The impression that I've got is that the lack of progress on AI is more due to the the focus is on different things (adding new features).
  6. As a player who likes to play long-term games, it is incredibly frustrating how easy the game gets in 5 to 6 years. Setting aside the question of whether competition will improve the product and the difficulty of programming AI, I've ran out of patience with the series and have voted with my wallet (not bought FM 12). Until some serious efforts are put in to polish the existing product I won't be buying another FM. This is not meant to be some form of ultimatum by the way, just my humble opinion on things. PS: wwfan, chill, man. I don't see why you have to be so argumentative, especially since your area of expertise is not squad-building AI right?
  7. Think we still need a more defensive-minded midfielder IMO. Can't rely on only Carrick.
  8. Quoted for truth. Plus they'll introduce features that annoys the majority of the players in the interest of "realism" (see Agents) while keeping the majority of the bugs from previous versions (e.g. fixture clashes, AI, transfer market).
  9. I've seen right-footed players in the left-hand slot curl their shots way wide like they've forgotten how to open up their body. So use them in that slot at your own peril
  10. Hmm I was under the impression that training Team Blend just increases the team gelling (under the Assistant Report) rather than tactical familiarity. Not sure why your bars dropped though...
  11. Hmm but does that then mean that to ensure that the physical attributes are correct, the technical and mental attributes are handicapped to a greater extent (since physical attributes takes up so much CA per attribute), resulting in lower league physically good players with below par footballing attributes? So while we can accept that the fast lower league player should have his footballing attributes adjusted downwards, the amount of adjustment needed might be significant enough to limit the viability of such a player overall.
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