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  1. Like those versions that Gog sells. It would be great to play once again with teams from the 90's
  2. which tactics are u using to success with MAnchester United for FM 16 beta?
  3. No 3D match engine on beta?

    yeah, not I enabled it and its working good
  4. No 3D match engine on beta?

    I dont believe so, my gpu is Radeon R9 290x 4gb
  5. No 3D match engine on beta?

    oh no, I just saw that the option for 3d matches, comes disabled by default
  6. I have been playing but it seems I can only see games in 2d?
  7. oh so they have changed it, I remember first it being only half a season until dic 31 and then 1 full season.
  8. New Leagues, Specifically, Ecuador and Paraguay leagues, they need to be in the game. Ecuador has improved their leagues vastly with 3 WC qualifications in the last 4 WCs and is on the highest paid leagues in South America (Just behind Argentina and Brazil)
  9. How long does beta last? half a season? or 1 full season?
  10. Megapack Kit for 2015?

    Is there a megapack kit for 2015 available?
  11. Which is the best "10" of all time for Colombia?
  12. Ecuador at the World Cup 2014

    today france plays with 6 subs, giving Ecuador some hope
  13. Ochoa (Mex) BLIND (NED) - Rafa Marquez (Mex) - Oscar Duarte (CR) - Marcelo (BRA) Robben (NED) - James Rodriguez (COL) - Valbuena (FRA) Benzema (FRA) - Muller (GER) - Neymar (BRA)