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  1. Do you Cheat

    I actually find it more fun to mess about using FMRTE, but not for my own benefit, but for other clubs'. For example, even if I'm playing in the Championship, I'll cause League 1 leaders Swansea to go on a losing streak right before end-of-season, making them lose their promotion spot. I've also altered the reputations of NPP/SLP/ILP teams to see new teams promoted into the Blue Square North/South.
  2. The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    Is it possible to change the league in which a club plays?
  3. I'm managing a team in the Championship, and we usually do quite well, getting league positions such as 7th, 10th, etc. This season, however, we've completely shut off. I'm currently battling against relegation after having spent more than half the season rock bottom. :@
  4. There was a trick where you can get multiple feeder clubs by recommending ALL of the board's findings... does it still work for FM10? If so, how does one enact it?
  5. Dafuge's Challenge Saves

    This seems quite useful for those who can't be bothered to holiday by themselves... although I'm afraid some of those teams will never get promoted simply because of how the game works...
  6. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    I'm so ****ed at myself that I haven't been doing updates with my Dartford game. I've played around 10 more seasons since my last update, and I've just made the Championship and floating around mid-table. God, I've got to be more disciplined.
  7. Those silly headlines

    Yeah, that one too. I also remember "Team X on cloud nine". ^o)
  8. Sigh... Anyone seen more cheesy ones like this?
  9. How exactly does a club go bankrupt and get points deducted? Is it possible for this to happen at a club you're managing?
  10. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Dartford - Blue Square Premier - 2014/2015 League: 4th; promoted (view) FA Cup: Second Round FA Trophy: Third Round All year long, we were in contention for the championship spot, and we even occupied top spot for a month or two. However, it was towards the end of the season that our old habits began surfacing -- inconsistent performances resulted in a slip to 4th place. No biggie, however, since we were able to pip Cambridge City and Mansfield in the playoffs (we had an epic late equalizer against Mansfield that brought us into extra time, where another late goal proved to be the winning goal ). The cup runs this year were more eye-catching than the previous years'; we managed to beat League One side MK Dons on our way to the FA Cup Second Round, where we unluckily lost to Rushden & Diamonds. In the FA Trophy, we cruised into the Third Round, where we were expected to make mincemeat out of Fleetwood (whom we had earlier thrashed 10-0 in the league), but we "didn't turn up" and ended up losing 0-2. Next year's goal is to establish ourselves in the mid-table mediocrity of League Two, and to avoid, at all costs, being relegated.
  11. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Dartford - Blue Square Premier - 2013/2014 League: 7th (view) FA Cup: First Round FA Trophy: First Round We were very close to a playoff spot this year, and we were in contention for one all year round. However, a final-day slip against Gateshead saw Tamworth and Accrington pip us to 7th spot, with Tamworth grabbing the final playoff spot. Next year, it's time we dragged ourselves out of the BSP and into the professional leagues. The highlight of the year was re-signing Jeet Padaruth, who had apparently forgotten about his unhappy times with us after being re-signed by Barrow and then released on a free.
  12. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Dartford - Blue Square Premier - 2012/2013 Despite being tipped to suffer a relegation battle in the Premier, Dartford have established themselves as a considerable threat to the playoff positions. League: 11th (view) FA Cup: First Round FA Trophy: First Round Squad This year, the goal was simple: avoid relegation. We got off to a good start, notching up 2 wins against formidable opponents. A frustrating run of draws and losses then followed, and we only picked up 5 points from 7 matches, throwing us down to the lower regions of the table. We kept on this pattern throughout the rest of the season, with the number of wins balancing out the number of losses. My star defender, Jeet Padaruth, kept on requesting transfer, so I had to bring in a replacement for him. Two of my strikers, Marvin Williams and Ajay Leitch-Smith, did a good job for the team. Towards the end of the season, we had a nice winning run against stronger teams, which brought us up to 11th in the table.
  13. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Halfway through my first BSP season, and I'm sitting safely in 15th, 7 wins, 9 draws, 7 losses. We did well against the weaker teams this season (unlike last), but I'd like to turn some of those draws into wins in the second half of the season.
  14. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Dartford - Blue Square South - 2011/2012 After a grueling season of floating around the playoff positions, Dartford clinch 5th place and strike their way into the Blue Square Premier with magnificent performances in the playoffs. League: 5th (view) FA Cup: First Round FA Trophy: Second Round Squad We aimed to achieve a playoff position this year, and for the entire season, we were in the running for one. A couple of draws and losses against weaker teams saw us slip to 10th for a while, but we regained footing with narrow victories over our playoff rivals (Weston-super-Mare, Salisbury, Hayes & Yeading). However, a heavy defeat against then-leaders Newport County saw us drop back to the 7th/8th region. Towards the end of the season, our players put in some truly impressive performances. We beat playoff rivals Hayes & Yeading to nab 5th spot, and solidified our playoff position with a 1-0 win against league leaders Chelmsford. On the final day, we played 4th-spot Salisbury. A 0-0 draw was followed by celebrations of entering the playoffs, due to 6th-placed Bath and 7th-place Hayes & Yeading both crashing to defeat. We narrowly edged Bishop's Stortford 3-2 in the playoff semifinals, with a last-minute strike from my on-loan striker sealing the tie. We then proceeded to defeat Newport County (to whom we lost both league encounters) away from home, with a tight 1-0 scoreline. Blue Square Premier, here we come! For next season, my goals are clear: avoid relegation from the BSP. This will prove difficult, since the BSP has no less than 4 relegation spots.
  15. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Dartford - Blue Square South - 2010/2011 Newcomers to the Football Conference, Dartford have only made a slight impact this year and float around in the mid-table waters of the Blue Square South. League: 9th (view) FA Cup: 3rd Qual. Round FA Trophy: Second Round Squad An average season, but better than what the media predicted. Jeet Padaruth was a quality player for us, a reliable centre-back who could score more than a few goals. I also brought in loans from higher-up clubs to get us through the slow start we had. For the rest of the season, we drifted around mid-table, with some worthless defeats accompanying some truly emphatic victories. In the end, we managed to climb up to 9th on the final day. Merthyr won the BSS, with Bromley winning the playoffs. Truro, Canvey Island, and St. Albans were relegated. Meanwhile, Eastleigh, Newport Co, as well as Dorchester, Tooting & Mitcham, and Boreham Wood join us for next year's BSS. The goal for next year? Challenge for a playoff place.