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  1. Was just coming on to mention this - it was button mapped last year and I used it loads. Definitely means I need to change the muscle memory!
  2. To be fair I have been using manager holiday to simulate the first season in the last few months so I can get to the transfer window with Everton and get rid of the deadwood and overhaul the squad so that would be a good feature to have! I do usually come back to find myself without a job though considering Tosun and Calvert Lewin are the only strikers...
  3. I echo all the sentiments so far about it being brilliant - I stopped playing FM for a number of years due to time and frustration at how long it took to get anywhere. Now I'm really enjoying it - got a couple of saves going and can get through a lot of matches in one sitting. Its hooked me right back in!
  4. Just had a search around and nothing on 2017 unfortunately. Shame - I remember having a great game in around 2012 where it worked perfectly and you could build a great team!
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