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  1. Thanks for your answer - I did not realise it was hard coded. I do not wish to swap him into my team, as I do not wish to 'cheat' as I just find it a bit strange that if he has not retired, he would be snapped up by someone straight away really and find it unrealistic that he just sits there and no one makes a bid. Hence why I was trying to find out if there was something I could change to stop no one being interested in him / him not being interested in joining any club. I also realise there are lots of threads regarding this - but there is not a single answer on any of them that actually states the reasoning / cause of Beckham not being able to be signed by anyone when released.
  2. I hope that this is fixed soon - do you know what the cause of this problem is as I cannot find anything on any of the forums that states the reasoning behind this. I can understand if there has not been a fix for this, but for no one to know the cause seems a little strange.
  3. If it's not impossible, I have searched many of the FM forums and no one seems to have managed it. I know I could edit him into my team but that is not why I got FMRTE, I only downloaded it because I wanted to find out what is stopping him moving to anyone. Like I said previously, I want to know if something is hidden that I am missing in the editor / if something is coded to stop him moving after his contract expires.
  4. My reasoning for this thread was not to state (as I did search the forums first) that it is impossible to sign Beckham, but I wanted to know the reason why it is impossible - there must be a reason that is coded into the game, I want to know what this is and if there is a way to reverse it. Sorry if I did not make this clear - I do not want this thread to be yet another thread stating that Beckham is impossible to sign, but rather a thread with ideas on how to 'fix' this issue.
  5. Ok, but I have tried it with other teams as well now, and others have tried with teams abroad. I do not think it is as simple as the player not wanting to go, I think there must be an option that is ticked to stop him signing for anyone else, but I cannot find it anywhere on the editor or FMRTE. That's my question really, not why he will not sign in terms of which team, but does anyone know what the option is that is stopping him signing for anyone and ensuring that he just stays as a free transfer rather than retiring?
  6. Appreciate the theory, but from what I've tried it seems not to be the case. I did a test by adding a manager of Man Utd in the second season (I'm managing a completely different club). I tried to approach to sign Beckham, and it says he is not interested. So I do not think it is to do with the wages, key player, etc as there is no negotiation at all. I would like to know what is stopping him moving, as it must be something hidden as I cannot find anything on the editor as mentioned.
  7. I have searched the forums for an answer to this and cannot find it anywhere. Why is it that when David Beckham is a free agent, he will not sign for anyone? I have had a look on the editor and cannot see anything that stops him; e.g. no retire at current club, etc. Does anyone know a solution to this as I have seen the question asked plenty of times but I cannot find an answer anywhere. I have looked on FMRTE also and cannot see anything on there either. Ideas please?!?
  8. Does anyone know the reason why Beckham cannot be signed (seemingly for anyone)? I have tried looking on FMRTE and cannot see anything on there that should stop him. I want to know if there is something 'blocking' him moving, as I cannot find it anywhere.
  9. Oops, I'm promoted.

    I have deliberately lost games towards the end of the season to ensure I do not get promoted. I just did not have the team, they were all too young and I would have had to buy a brand new squad - which I did not have the money to do. Now, the players are maturing and I have just been promoted again to the Premier League (started with Oldham - L1). I do not think it is the best idea to get promoted unless you believe the club is ready for it. I have had this 'problem' twice, but the second time to the Premier League, I decided that I would have the money to develop the club even though the team probably was not ready for it. That's what I'm doing now, trying to develop the club. As for tips, I am trying to develop the club and buy players that are out of contract, as well as buying a few players that are cheap. Other than that, just try to survive the first season and then you can build for the next.
  10. One suggestion (although it may take a few more seasons) is to become a selling club. I had a similar experience with bringing a lower club up the leagues, and the way I managed to finally break into the Premiership was that I found a player on a free that I signed with the view to him being a Key Player. However, he did not do the business for me, and offers came in the next season for him for a few million. This gave me enough to build the club, make a few key signings as I ploughed it back into the wages rather than transfers, and that allowed me to push for promotion.
  11. new patch

    You downloaded the box copy?!? I am unsure what you mean I am afraid. It only matters if you have registered the game with steam (as then the downloads will be automatic) or whether you have not (in which case you will have to download the patch from the links on the sticky which has been referred to in this thread. As mentioned, if you have to manually download the patch yourself, it should download an exe file which you double click on, and then it will run the patch installer. Hope that makes sense
  12. new patch

    That depends on whether you installed with steam or not. If you installed with steam, then it will update automatically. If not, then read the sticky at the top named Patch 10.2 and that should give you all the information you need. Hope that helps
  13. I cannot ever see them doing this, as they are a business and they would have to spend time on making the new patches as well as a new game. This would take away time from making the actual game, which I for one, do not want them to do. They are a business (and a successful one I believe with FM) and so why change what is working for them. As regards to updates that people want, there are unofficial ones out there I believe (although I am not sure if they are usually for the next season) or there is the editor, you could do it yourself if you wanted the updates that much
  14. If that is the one when he went over Seaman, then he did not pass the ball back to the keeper at all. He took it, Seaman saved and then he scored the rebound. He was very sporting in saying it was not a penalty, but he still took it after he knew the referee was not going to change his mind, as he is a professional
  15. That's probably the best idea. Otherwise, there is a recommended set-up when you are on the loading the leagues screen. Usually, I keep it as low as possible because I do not have a high spec laptop, so want performance over database. It is a personal preference though