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  1. As an iPhone 5S user for the past couple years, I'm thinking of changing to a Galaxy S7. Is the S7 a good phone..I'm thinking of getting to so I can do what I want, change the battery if I need to and add more storage space?

  2. Hi,

    I'd like some advice, at my mum's house she had an issue with toilet blocking up so we had dyno rod come out. They cleared the blockage with the power hose and put a camera down the drain to make sure it was all clear. Once they put the camera down they found out that the pipe had broken and was blocking about 50% of the pipe, they recommended that my mum claim on the insurance as it would be a £3-4k job to dig up the garden and replace the pipe.

    My mum filled out the home insurance form from dyno rod and I assume they immediately put a claim in, once I arrived and double checked the insurance details my mum doesn't have drains included on the policy. I got my mum to phone up to see if she could add drains to it before dyno rod put the claim in but they said the claim had already gone in and there is nothing they could to change the policy.

    If I understand it correctly the insurance is going to reject the claim and I'm wondering where that would leave us as I don't have £4k just to get a drain fixed.

  3. 20 minutes ago, Icelander83 said:

    It's a bit less set in stone than previous versions. I'd really just recommend finding a beginner's guide, maybe head over to civfanatics, they at least used to have some amazing stuff back in Civ 4

    Thanks, I will take a look at their forum and see if there are any beginner's guides.

  4. Four consecutive promotions with my hometown Leatherhead :D

    Classic tactic is yet to let me down.

    :D it's not letting me down as you can see im top of the league and have a fantastic goal difference, i'm just greedy and want to demolish teams and i'm wondering if theres a way to make the defence stronger without making the attack weaker?

  5. I'm using the Classic tactic with Bradford, got promoted to League One and its going ok so far, im top of the league with a +36 goal difference, not bad for a board who wanted mid-table.

    I've improved my defence with a few good defenders and a loan GK but i'm still conceding a lot of goals winning games 4-3 or 2-1, can anyone offer any suggestions on how to shut the computer out?

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