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  1. I do the same

    Then when they reach 18 is your plan to either promote them to the first team or sell them?

    Because the way I see it, is that you can have say two DC's in the under 18's at 16 and give them a few years to develop, then once they reach 18 I will still have two first team CB's, Do I then promote these players into the first team (provided they are good enough) and then sell the backup DC's in the first team and buy two new 16 year olds to put in the reserves and start the cycle all over again. Would this be the way to do it?

  2. I don't keep any players in the reserve squad - instead, I let my U18s play the reserve matches, with help from any senior players that need to find fitness or form.

    Essentially, I'm following the advice on squad management of SFraser's threads in the Tactics forum. I have between four and seven (e.g. for DC) players for each position at the whole club - seniors and U18s. No filler - just 40 to 45 players all getting match experience.

    Do you have a link to SFraser's thread, I've been trying to find it.

  3. In my game as Northwich I got promoted to the blue square premier and i'm really stuck now, can't win or even draw, my squad is too poor for this league, I'm sitting in the bottom 3 and have lost the past 10 games, in the finances i'm -£120,000 and have a wage budget of £0.

    I think i'm looking at relegation back to the Blue Square North at the minute.

  4. I'll edit this post later with screenshots (At work) but a nice short end of season 2011/2012 review:

    Northwich - Blue Square Bet North - 2011/12


    <Insert Picture>


    <Insert Picture>


    <Insert Picture>

    In my first season with Northwich I finished 7th and lost out on the playoffs on a goal difference of 2 goals, my best signing was Poole (striker) and Neil Quashie (found him in the free transfers and he's turned out to be a star player). I didn't get very far in the FA Cup or the FA Trophy as it took a long time for my new squad to gel and I was near the relegation zone for the first 10 games.

    Next Season:

    Try to manage the wage budget and get that in check, clear out some of the older players (try bring in some young talent for the future on lower wages) and push for the play-offs in the new season.

    Only problem with signing a whole new team and backup is that I went crazy and I'm now £1000 a week over my wage budget and I'm trying to sell players but it's really hard in this version, does anyone have any tips?

  5. Four consecutive promotions with my hometown Leatherhead :D

    Classic tactic is yet to let me down.

    :D it's not letting me down as you can see im top of the league and have a fantastic goal difference, i'm just greedy and want to demolish teams and i'm wondering if theres a way to make the defence stronger without making the attack weaker?

  6. I'm using the Classic tactic with Bradford, got promoted to League One and its going ok so far, im top of the league with a +36 goal difference, not bad for a board who wanted mid-table.

    I've improved my defence with a few good defenders and a loan GK but i'm still conceding a lot of goals winning games 4-3 or 2-1, can anyone offer any suggestions on how to shut the computer out?

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