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  1. Your new tactic is working for me so far Mr Hough, played 10 games with it and i've only conceded 3 goals, I'm in my second season with bradford and i'm still top but because the defence has been improved with this new tactic i'm now on +56 goal difference in League One. thanks
  2. it's not letting me down as you can see im top of the league and have a fantastic goal difference, i'm just greedy and want to demolish teams and i'm wondering if theres a way to make the defence stronger without making the attack weaker?
  3. I'm using the Classic tactic with Bradford, got promoted to League One and its going ok so far, im top of the league with a +36 goal difference, not bad for a board who wanted mid-table. I've improved my defence with a few good defenders and a loan GK but i'm still conceding a lot of goals winning games 4-3 or 2-1, can anyone offer any suggestions on how to shut the computer out?
  4. I'm having a lot of success with V6, just wanted to say thanks, great tactic!
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