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  1. Very aggressive roles there! A clear plan too. I can see how you would dominate, with the possession TIs, the 3 midfielders attacking the box, a F9's movement , and width provided by the attacking winger, and attacking wing back. Doesn't leave much back to defend though? How do you go against disciplined teams set out to defend deep, deny space, and counter attack with pace behind your wings, after they avoid the initial press?
  2. Brilliant work. My go to skin now. The hard work is very much appreciated.
  3. I am currently madly exploring this same thing based on the italian tridente attack (2 st and 1 amc) in a 3-4-1-2 formation. This thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/238552-4-3-1-2-Formation had some interesting discussion (from 2011), very relevant to 2014 since it seems thinking in roles is key,like this fine guide does, love your work llama3 At the moment im using for PP (AF support), SP (false nine support) and Treq in AMC (either SS or Treq: work in progress) PP: Prima Punta "the goal scorer" Defoe? SP: Seconda Punta or Fantasista "the magician" Berbatov? Treq: Trequartista "the passmaster" AF drifts one way, False Nine drifts deep/ can dribble into box if on (DLF S also seems to work if false nine unavailable), SS attacks middle of box often or Treq attacks box sometimes.
  4. The libero based formation, with wingbacks has been one ive been struggling to crack for years now. However, I have had more relative success in getting a working option recently (working being defined as "seeing the football I want to see"). Very small sample size, but all tactic bars are fluid. (Background) Playing in Northern Ireland Championship 2, all players are very one dimensional, so simpler is better. Almost all teams play 4-4-2 variants. My squad has most talent in central midfield, and attack (relative statement). Plus I have 2-3 sweepers in the squad. I am using a Rigid (3 specialists, and less movement from instructions), Counter (slower tempo except on the break, allows WBs to get forward). Press more, cautious tackling, zonal marking. Libero(S) CD (D) CD(D) WB(A) WB (A) DLP (S) DLP(D) AM (A) DLF(S) AF(A) So, going forward you end up with fluid triangle passing around and in the box with the front 3. The WBs attack the byline, and into the box (sometimes end up with 5 in that area). The MCs feed the attackers, and the libero sits in the DM spot. Movement between the lines. Defending, the WBs retreat to make a back 5. Obvious weaknesses are the deep crosses across field. Have not been hit a lot on the counter yet (lack of pace and skill at this level?). Game lists the tactic as 5-2-1-2. I think for this type of tactic to work in an attacking sense, the WBs need to be attacking. They provide the overload, and width to the fluid movement upfront. Sorry if I rambled a bit. As you see from my post count I'm a reader (Lurker), and usually don't feel i can contribute much to a discussion. Expecting someone to point out the flaws
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