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  1. I had this problem on a long term save on FM12. I ended up sending the file to Neil Brock (with his permission of course), who was able to advance past the date in question, before sending it back thus saving my game. Have you added any new graphics, facepacks, skins etc? As that was what caused the problem for me. Hope this helps? Regards Steve
  2. Is anybody having trouble with Leaderboard on FM14? Am still showing my points total from Beta, and, despite winning the league in full game, have not had any points added. Also shows my team as my Beta one, rather than my current team. Steve
  3. Hi Guys. Is anybody else having a problem with nothing being added to their leader board totals? I have played 15 games and am still showing 138 points with Stockport, who I played some games with in Beta. Any ideas on what to do next? :confused: Steve
  4. I am looking forward to being able to see the odds for the whole league, not just the favourites and your team. Wonder if these will change during the season, or stay static? Only a few days till we find out
  5. Morning. I have just tried to save my long term save ( year 2101) and it says unable to load saved game. Is there anything I can do now, or is that the end? I have a previous saved version but this is going back 13 years and don't know if I can be bothered to play it again. Any help would be appreciated, even if the news is not good, which I suspect it will be. Regards Steve
  6. I am up to October 2101 and have not holidayed for any of it.
  7. Already pre-ordered. Don't think FM13 was as bad as some people are making out.
  8. Hi Seafire. Good to see you back. Have you updated the link in first post yet, as have just gone to download and it's shows 28th March 2013 which I already have? Steve
  9. Just don't think it's appropriate for me that's all.
  10. How do you change picture on start screen. Have deleted pic you had and changed another to background, but, when I restart game it still shows original pic. Apart from that, skin looks great, thanks for your hard work.
  11. If you click on club history and then competitions and change from honours to domestic leagues, it will give you what you are lookimg for. Hope this helps.
  12. My game was working fine, until i added a facepack, then suffered a crash dump. Uninstalled face pack and tried again without having a problem. How can that be SI's fault if we are adding facepacks, graphics, custom leagues etc which are unsupported by SI and may be the cause of the problem? Also had a long term save last year ( 20 years) which suffered a crash dump as well, but, thanks to Neil Brock being so patient, was able to sort the problem out and continued playing ( 50+ years), which i have only stopped when new game came out.
  13. Am having a problem where i have copied my background pictures over from FM12, some work ok, while others do not. Any ideas on what, if anything, i can do to enable them to show? Steve
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