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  1. I cant get this tactic to show up? Ive tried DL straight in the tactics folder with everyother one ive got but its not showing up
  2. Your missing the point pal. I cant argue with fanboys anymore im to old...go crawl up SI's skirt. My answer is correct, if SI (now they have jumped on this bandwagon of charging for what used to be free) then yes they will make another version for fm15.
  3. SI jumped on the band wagon after fmrte decided to charge pal and saw ££££££
  4. If it made money they will. This kind of thing used to be free
  5. I remember everyone creaming it for FMlive. Had my say/opinion on it and got flamed for it by the fanboys. Well.
  6. Option 3 for me. Legends playing where they did Great idea hope it comes out.
  7. Does this work with the 4.15 patch as im going to fire this up after reading this need to see my beloved Everton win some how
  8. Is that big enough now for you to see that YOU WROTE THE ABOVE and NOT ME as you keep saying, regardless of the context it was ment you suggested a database with 4-5 players...are the mods going to allow the name calling in this thread? i dont like being called a pr!ck
  9. You tell me you bloody suggested it
  10. 1, did i say ONLY have those players on it ?? NO 2, did i say Howard Kendall should be on it ?? NO The other 3 are TRUE legends in the game and deserve to be on there... o wait sorry they didnt pull on the mighty ITFC shirt now did they ! Get a grip Frame, sorry but your looking abit of a
  11. Superbly put Erol thanks mate, that is what im trying to say.
  12. Players that play for Ipswich dont deserve to be put in the same list as pele.....Im an everton fan and can think of loads of players not in the list that are/were far better than the players you want added..eg, Howard Kendall, you know part of the holy trinity !!. o no he didnt play for the mighty ipswich town FFS If they were "legends" then i would have heard of them as i reconised all the players on the list and the genuine "legends" people asked to be added.
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