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  1. Big fan of your tactics thank you Regards
  2. Leeboy

    4-3-3 CG1

    Nice one ill give it ago
  3. I cant get this tactic to show up? Ive tried DL straight in the tactics folder with everyother one ive got but its not showing up
  4. Leeboy

    In-Game Editor

    Your missing the point pal. I cant argue with fanboys anymore im to old...go crawl up SI's skirt. My answer is correct, if SI (now they have jumped on this bandwagon of charging for what used to be free) then yes they will make another version for fm15.
  5. Leeboy

    In-Game Editor

    SI jumped on the band wagon after fmrte decided to charge pal and saw ££££££
  6. Leeboy

    In-Game Editor

    If it made money they will. This kind of thing used to be free
  7. I remember everyone creaming it for FMlive. Had my say/opinion on it and got flamed for it by the fanboys. Well.
  8. Leeboy

    Legends Database Question

    Option 3 for me. Legends playing where they did Great idea hope it comes out.
  9. Leeboy

    CM 03-04 Diablo Tactic

    Does this work with the 4.15 patch as im going to fire this up after reading this need to see my beloved Everton win some how
  10. Hi, Neil, ill leave it hanging for a while
  11. Hi guys, My installation stops just as the it begins (the green bar) and just hangs there...im running Windows7 anyone have the same issue? I have a dual boot but yet to try it on vista. Thanks
  12. Is that an apoligy for last years cock up Ben ?
  13. Its either "crap" or "underachievers" they cant be both can they ? if there crap there crap, if the underachieve it means they should be achieving something ! Dear o dear.