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  1. Welsh Premier League!

    This surprises me - I live in the Welsh Premier League - even though I have no affiliation to it (barring FM). I have played as Cwmbran Town, Llangefni, Llanelli, Llangenor and my latest save, Calsonic Kansei SSC. I have made (this is not an impressive roll call) - Champions League group stages x1, Europa league group stages x 3. Thats about it for major success. Its incredibly tough if you pick up a game with the lower Welsh leagues via the additional league packs knocking around - but thats the game in Wales. I love the fact that it is incredibly tough - it really adds to the accomplishment.
  2. Bids under 1k

    I thought that £500 bids were basically £0 bids on a £1,000 player with a 50% sell on clause.
  3. Why is morale so fickle?

    Do you use all the morale boosting helpers, ie press conferences, player interaction? These won't help much, you as a season player will know that, but at least they have the power to shift the balance slightly into your favour. Also, how much do you use the morale vs motivation idea? See the tactic forum, theres a brilliant guide in it, whereby you should try to keep an ideal between motivation and morale.
  4. Why is morale so fickle?

    Young players are more adverse to moral changes apparently. Any truth lying there?
  5. I like small first team squads. Ergo, the "send to reserves until match fit option" was a mini-dream for me. I understand the new system fully, but would like a compromise of the two.
  6. Keep or sell?

    WHy not post a shot for us to take a look at him by the way? If you can. May help? He isn't real so it wouldnt really be against any forum rules.
  7. Haha got my idea huh ;-) I think players should come through with characteristics rather than positions. Ie Rio Ferdinand is tall, good on the ball, composed, quick...he has the ability to be a midfielder. But it was chosen for him to be a centre back, and there he is. But his position is defined by his characteristics, not vice versa, this is the key. I think currently players are far too one dimensional. A good defender tends to be able to defend, and thats it. But, some defenders should come through with other characteristics, like finishing. Ie Daniel Agger, amazing long shooter. Hmm, reading back I am not explaining this perfectly...But I think the key is that a players characteristics are just when they are younger and they are put in a role...but they may still exhibit characteristics of other positions. However in FM it seems that a player is made to fit the position.
  8. This is one of the games wonderful times that just require you to nip onto the internet and research. I like this idea to earn your managing stripes. ;-) Davide Favalli used to play for the Milan reserves, I'd imagine he is in the lower leagues now. Erm, Vincent Pericard, was he at Milan. I really dont know actually. And I dont think the game tells you. Either youth players or search
  9. This happens a lot when you change formations I think it's either a miswording or the wrong article comes up when you play it
  10. Players Unhappy

    In your matches, does the motivation screen report that your players are playing without motivation too? Try telling them you expect to win the game a fair few times, that might kick them up a bit.
  11. are they all match fit? struggling to think of any other reasons then to be honest.
  12. I'd guess they are listed for loan etc, so lets ignore that; what are their reps? and what do they feel about being made available for loan? and have you offered them out, as opposed to passively waiting for interest?
  13. I think this is an argument for players that come to your Under 19's having no true natural position, but you have to assign them one when they first come through to your squad. I hate that in long term games, every defender in the lower English leagues has: 13 tackling 13 marking 13 heading Or there abouts. Surely there would be the occasional one that can really finish too, I mean, they weren't all born as complete defenders only, surely? I could make a big argument for this, but, I think the member Dave C did a fair while ago (haven't seen him recently, is there a name change or what have I missed?) and plus I really should be revising... I did an addictive behaviour exam a few weeks ago and cited that FM is my personal addiction satisfying many of the clinical research criteria. Damn you...
  14. Aye, I believe so. I either read it in a back issue of FourFourTwo or saw it just prior to the Liverpool West Ham game on Setanta recently. Either way, I can just about confirm that as fact. (I think its been mentioned above that Tony Carr, (if he is the West Ham academy fella) was the man who switched him to the defensive role.)
  15. Idea for FM 2010

    I was reading a news article the other day on managers in England and mainland Europe. They said that in England, the messiah role can be thrust to any young manager in hope of glory, but in the continent you often have to earn your stripes first. Quieroz an example cited, de Boer and Bergkamp are both coaching, in fact, most Europe managers I think it mentioned were assistant managers first. But remember, this is a game. However, I think, as much as I actually scoffed the idea at first (as will many of you) that there is substance to this idea. Not in the way you think, ie Reserve Team Manager 2010, but in the way that it could be an exciting mode of play for many of us who really do like to begin from rock bottom. Many things stick out. Examples include getting to manage the reserves, meaning you could have different first teamers week in week out, you just have to get on with it, but you may wish to recommend the manager gives you certain players, or signs re-inforcements either specifically, or just suggesting particular positions. You then get the bonus of seeing players performing for you playing for the first team and doing well (in the same vein of happiness that seeing our players play internationally gives us) So as much as I can heap scorn on this idea, I can also praise it. I think to start as a BSS reserve manager, (maybe stepping into the manager role) is actually quite an interesting one. I am not going to argue into how it may happen, or whether it will, but I personally would quite like the challenge. Just a thought...