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  1. This surprises me - I live in the Welsh Premier League - even though I have no affiliation to it (barring FM). I have played as Cwmbran Town, Llangefni, Llanelli, Llangenor and my latest save, Calsonic Kansei SSC. I have made (this is not an impressive roll call) - Champions League group stages x1, Europa league group stages x 3. Thats about it for major success. Its incredibly tough if you pick up a game with the lower Welsh leagues via the additional league packs knocking around - but thats the game in Wales. I love the fact that it is incredibly tough - it really adds to the accomplishment.
  2. This thread is too ridiculously long for me to even begin to have the time to search for what I would like to see, but simply put, i'd like to see players asking to learn off of a certain individual. Right now, we can force players to learn from each other, but, why shouldnt an Under 19 player come to me and ask to learn off of my international pro-striker. Just seems natural..
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