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  1. I transfer listed my goal keeper and didn't set any price for him only added a 15% sell on fee and im getting no bids? Also i had "that chat" to said goal keeper that he is no longer wanted at the club and he accepted so him not wanting to stay is not a reason teams are not coming in for him, is this a bug?
  2. How many others start off managing their favourite team only to untick the suggested coaching badges based on that team and start as a sunday league footballer? Am i one of few? i mean i know it might make the game a "little bit harder" because players don't respect you but i ALWAYS have to start from scratch and earn my badges and so on.
  3. strange mine aren't saving at all, but it's not that big a deal for beta i guess, thanks.
  4. Should we be able to save set piece tactics on beta? because i can't.
  5. Yes! i am aware it's still in the same place im just wondering why it no longer gives you which coach is best suited for each job ie. training/player developement etc
  6. Staff-responsibilities-backroom advice It no longer shows you which coach is more suitable like last year?
  7. the best thing SI ever did was remove the sliders it just made the game more realistic tactics wise.
  8. Can someone explain to me what this game on 64 bit actually means and what it does?
  9. I'm very happy with what i saw, i'm really looking forward to playing the beta version now but surprised we didn't see anything on tactics.
  10. Thanks for filling me in, there i was waiting and wondering why nobody was posting discount codes. I think steam might be the way to go so and use their loyalty discount.
  11. Is the only way to play the FM17 beta by buying from steam or can you buy from elsewhere for cheaper ie greenmangaming or amazon and still get to play the beta and also will people be posting codes to get discounts like in previous years?
  12. 34 and been playing since the very early cm series
  13. Remember what a then 35 year old Gary McAllister did for Liverpool ? Right player right team and the right circumstance!!!
  14. Hi, I was wondering (while im sure it differs with players and teams) do defensive lines suit deep/lying forwards, false 9's or is it the other way around? defending with a deep line perhaps suits you're team using an advanced forward or poacher? I would love some advice on the whole defensive line and type of forwards suit best. Thanks
  15. Hi, If i have a promising youth player (AMC) who really lacks bravery can i have him tutored by a player who doesn't play in the same position as him (RB) but has good bravery or will he pick up unwanted ppm's from that tutee?
  16. Thank for you're comments and votes lads, and for anyone interested i played the game with some first teamers and some youths and lost 1-0.
  17. This says it all, plus get to know the overall reshape of the team tactics too, it's night and day.
  18. You know i don't think we're right, it seems the club is not being held in the same high regard as it was before you took charge. Which is pretty strange as i don't believe Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish or Brendan Rogers win the Europa League and get to two champions league finals ???? ODD!!!
  19. I just won in the semi-final in the league cup but im wondering should i stick with the kids and fringe players who got me to the final or choose my strongest team to play a strong Spurs side certain they would beat my kids and fringe players?
  20. first season i won the Europa League finished 6th in the league second season 6th in the league, lost in the champions league final third season finished 3rd league in the league, lost in the champions league final fourth season league finished 2nd in the league fifth season league finished 4th, lost in FA Cup final i always finish there abouts but can't get over the finish line.
  21. "the club are concerned that the clubs stature is being tarnished by the teams performances on the pitch since you took charge" what does this mean exactly? Is it my style of play or results?
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