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  1. I started as a "motivator" EDIT as i figured as starting out managing a top team with no badges (for realism) it might help me (a little) with that bigger team and their big egos, but i realise disciplinarian might be slightly better for that.
  2. Is it possible that you sometimes can't get the best out of players and they will constantly under perform for you or is it a mixture of tactics too? Key players will not perform for me! Some might say this belongs in the tactics forum but i want to get the first part of my question answered first.
  3. Is any else having trouble with fullbacks and wingers not crossing the ball? I sometimes get a cross completion of 0% from BOTH wingers.
  4. I'm in the first season managing Liverpool and we both had 1 home and 2 away games and keeping in mind i beat Spurs 6-0 away and the raining champions Leicester 3-1, i find it strange.
  5. Jose Mourinho won manager of the month over me and i don't know how or why. Utd beat Palace 1-0, 'Boro 2-1 and Hull 1-0 to my ] Spurs 6-0 (Away) Sunderland 1-0 and Leicester 3-1 why does he win over me?
  6. I have a few players picking up a fair amount of cards is there a way to caution them for that?
  7. Erm, I am English speaking Irishman and managing in England and out of know where i see i have finished an intensive english language course? lol i don't even remember going on one. Odd
  8. Is it my imagination or does every throw-in look like a foul throw? Anyone notice this?
  9. My ball winning midfielder scores loads of goals and wins loads of player of the matches Yes he picks up yellow cards but over-all im delighted with players in that roll, personally.
  10. Every game i started with Liverpool in this game and FM 16 Tom Werner always replaced by a regen? why? what's the point? I know it's a small thing but it irks me.
  11. Anything worse than this? and to our biggest rivals no less
  12. anybody having any trouble getting the board to agree to get an affiliate club to increase our profile in another country? im currently in January in my second season and the club will have none of it
  13. I'm also on course (fingers crossed) to qualify for the champions league, do i need to sell players ASAP? what do i have to do? will prize money at the end of the season help the situation?
  14. Does anyone else think Joel Matip is massively underrated in this game? He is so much more composed and concentrated in real life.
  15. My team went to India for training camp but i can't play and games there in India, is it something i did? and is there another way to play friendly matches there?
  16. I'm nearly finished my first season but i just noticed it says im from the capital not where in from, please tell me i don't have to start again to change it
  17. It i think has four corners cut off, it looks terrible and nothing like the real stadium.
  18. For me it has to be extended because it's just nicely in the middle, not too much not too little.
  19. Coutinho's PPM long shots, do you feel he try's too many long shots in you're game that spur alot of chances?
  20. Is this a coincidence or a bug of sorts but twice my game froze while playing and when i pressed the windows key or ctrl/alt/esc i could not leave the game and go back to desktop so i hit my restart button and upon loading up FM17 again steam had an update. Are these steam updates making my game freeze? strange though that it happened twice now during the week.
  21. Im trying to negotiate a fee for a player but it won't go back to ("undo" aka my previous offer) as i want to try to bid a little more than i previously did, the undo is greyed out.
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