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  1. Hi Felix, i hope i uploaded the DxDiag.txt the right way for you. DxDiag.txt
  2. Hello, I'm running FM 18, 18.1.3 and the game and/or computer keeps crashing on me: These are my specs Geforce GTX 970 version 388.31 Processor Intel Core i5-4690k CPU @ 3.50GHz 8GB ram 64 bit OS I ran verify integrity of game files and it says 10 files failed to validate and will be reacquired (im using sortitoutsi's missing licenses) could that be my problem? PLEASE HELP.
  3. PLEASE tell me i haven't lost my save? I made it to the champions league final in my first season and just about to play my final league game of the season. Load last game is now greyed out so i went to load game and that won't load either.
  4. i have a question, is it just me or is anyone else having problems with their computer crashing and restarting since the new update? It's happened 4 times to me now.
  5. But he does't support me in the "hierarchy" can this be right?
  6. how about adding a "cheeky/cheekily" maybe he was there to see our good football, the others don't seem to really fit.
  7. I scored two goals via freekicks either directly or in directly and the camera angle only shows the free kick taker not the goal, it happened and lower end of the pitch/monitor, the camera angle im using is director.
  8. Dear SI Despite the pitches/grass i am loving the Beta version so far. Many thanks on what looks to be another great version of FM.
  9. How do i give certain players, say left backs their each role and instructions? every time i try they all get the same role and instructions
  10. I'm wondering where i can find a players prefered position in a 2 or 3 man defense or midfield eg left side or right side in a back two or left side/middle/right side in a 3 man defense or midfield?
  11. Nooooooooooi missed the 25% off (if i still pre-order now do i get beta) ?
  12. pc 64 bit GeForce GTX 970 intel core i5-9640k CPU @ 350GHz 3.50 Installed ram 8 gb (I'm especially worried about my ram) do i need to get more ram?
  13. Liverpool FC only Southampton players im sorry.
  14. When i click on a players profile his age is missing but when i press left arrow and click on his profile again it's there the second time, now i don't know if this is an SI problem or my own and i recently added pictures and reloaded the skin and so on but the problem is consistant.
  15. Perhaps SI can add to the touchline shouts, as well as the push forward and concentrate and so on, how about a two in one shout? ie push foward and get creative, concentrate and tighten up, demand more and show some passion, get creative and demand more. I think you get where im going with this.
  16. 25th of November 2019 in my game i got a message saying United Kingdom will leave the EU an the end of the season
  17. Well im in 2019 myself but i have offered him a contract mid last season and this pre season and he was denied a work permit twice and now 1 season left in his contract im torn if i should wait or sell him. He's a good player i don't want to sell him.
  18. Is it not possible to keep hold of Marko Grujic due to the brexit thing? he is now in his final year and do i cash in on him now or is there a chance i can get him a work permit?
  19. Realism as IRL i have no badges but still want to manage my favourite team so yeah, "a bit of realism".
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