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  1. I never heard of these guys before, anyone ever bought from them before?
  2. Im currently managing Cork City in Irish Premier League, i won 2 league titles and in my first season i just missed out on the Champions League group stage by away goals, the next season i beat Celtic in one of the knockout stages and this time managed to get my Cork City team to the group stage for the first time in their history, yet no team showing interest, no League 1 team or Championship team in England. This particular games leaves alot to be desired.
  3. Hi, First off i've never requested anything like this before so i don't know if this is allowed or if i am even in the right place. Apologies if not. Can i request/ask someone to have Cork City (in the Irish Premier Division) to have 1 million in transfer kitty and 500k in wage budget? Thanks in advance
  4. Pro's In possession/transition/out possession Font Purple skin Schedule - months broken up (it's looks cleaner and less cluttered) Players rating in match - low goes into red, higher goes green match engine - curl on the ball is realistic Icons gone during game replaced by the actual names of the links Team of the week now showing the player WITH team badges Live press conference with a backround of a press conference setup (it's the little things) Offering a team to buy right now instead of waiting until his contract expires Con's in opposition instructions there is no longer view (info) to see the players profile next to his name (have to click into his profile to view his stats and then you are brought back to your own team tactics page before you can choose to show onto what foot or close him down and so on. i don't see my players counter pressing at all to win the ball back
  5. How soon can i then start to buy and sell? January or the next season?
  6. good evening guys i just logged on, is the beta for release tonight or is it more rumours im reading?
  7. Don't expect it until Friday the latest, before then is a a bonus, i'm hoping for a bonus
  8. Might do a Liverpool save in beta while i get used to the new tactics and training stuff when game comes out hopefully by then i will have a better idea of what team i want to manage i am very open to any and all ideas, are there any suggestion threads on this?
  9. I don't know why people are moaning ie "just a data update" can't you read? there is a new training overhaul which by the way looks great and im very excited to play the game.
  10. A nice hot cuppa tea and a bag of cheese and onion crisps and maybe a ham sandwich. Now im hungry, thanks
  11. How do i highlight all my players so i can give them equal amount of rest on the same day?
  12. if you used a team shout just before half-time why do you need to wait another 10-15 mins at the start of the second half? strange!
  13. An update, Ever since my computer updated and updated new graphics it has been working fine.
  14. I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 wide i don't have them on swap positions but they do so anyway, how can i stop this?
  15. Am i missing something or are scouts only now able to scout two competitions now per scout?
  16. @Felix Wilkie Maybe this might help, i was able to get a snap shot of my computer restarting with my phone.
  17. will i find out something soon? i would love to play my game again.
  18. Just an update, i have since deleted sortitoutsi's missing licenses and started a new game but same thing happened and i lost my save game AGAIN I have also re-ran verify integrity of game files after deleting sortitoutsi's missing licenses and it says all files successfully validated but my computer still crashes and restarts
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