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  1. It's one thing to overachieve in the first and second seasons as a club who originally were supposed to not get relegated but in my third season i was told i was to qualify for the Champions League (at the time i thought it was the Europa League and i thought that in itself was gonna be hard) however i finish 4th by a single point, we qualify for Champions League football something the board had no right in asking for as we didn't even qualify for the Europa League any of the previous 2 seasons. Still all that and im in a sack race of all things? Where is the common sense in this game?

  2. In my backroom team advice i am getting coaching team improvements for U/18's manager when i already have one and also much much better than the ones being advised. Is this a bug?

    Lol wait i think i just solved it after just posting this. he is not recognised as a manager more of a data analyst maybe that's the reason. 

  3. On 22/01/2020 at 00:35, Experienced Defender said:

    Okay. So taking into account what I wrote in my previous post, here are some ideas on how you could utilize your deep 4231 formation with a team like Villa.

    First, the 42dm31 formation is good because the presence of 2 DMs potentially allows your fullbacks to get forward more and thus support your attacks by providing width up front. Of course, this also depends on which roles you assign to your DMs. In your current setup - with DLPde and BWMsu - this is how I would set up the flanks:

    IW/IFsu                                   Wat

              DLPde/su  BWMsu

    FBat                                     WBsu

    Do you see the difference compared to your setup? First, you now have variety on the flanks. But not only that. On the left, the combo of an attacking FB and IW/IF on support duty creates the so-called natural overlap, with the DLP providing defensive cover for the fullback (along with his playmaking duties). On the right, only the AMR has been changed from the IF on attack into a winger on attack. This way, you have one role on each flank that primarily looks to provide width up front and deliver crosses into the box for those attacking from central areas.

    So that was the first part of my tactical advice. Tomorrow, I'll come to discuss other aspects (because there is pretty much).

    Never mind, mate. I started a new Villa save and i'm doing very well.

  4. My team hasn't had a game to play in two weeks and there was no player complaints of any kind yet the dressing room atmosphere has gone down considerably (is it because there was no game for us in two weeks)? if so that's a silly reason to have it go down so much, a little bit i understand but this much?


  5. 39 minutes ago, janrzm said:
    • 1 v 1 - Well documented, but It's not the overall conversion rate that is the issue, its the number of chances created in the first instance, at times it's like watching tennis.
    • That ball over the top, you know, the one that's invisible to your defender, the one that creates the 1 v 1 when it's not the defence splitting through ball that your defender also can't see coming.
    • Stop my players chasing the ball, keeping it in play and continuing to run past it while the opposition player thanks him for his generosity.
    • The vertical header from a cross or corner, the one that your player, regardless of his heading ability can only seem to direct skywards.
    • Every goalkeeper is like Gordon Banks in Mexico 70, whilst I didn't believe the day would ever arrive when I'd moan about GK's being improved they've evolved from headless chickens to superhero levels of reflex and agility. Although, to be fair I may have a distorted view of this as many of the outstanding saves are from the "false' 1 v 1's.....
    • Defensive headers.....this looked much improved in the beta, now its reverted to every defensive header is basically dinked up in the air and effectively laid off to the nearest opposition player its the football equivalent of the "set" in Volleyball. Actually, I've said this in various other threads, the ME v2016 that we saw earlier looked so, so much better than the one we've ended up with......


    I want to echo this, these are the main problems i to am have with the game along with the inside forwards and wingers not squaring/pulling the ball back and shoot into the side net.

    And to touch on the poor defensive heading (why do defenders who are in no rush, head the ball out to the opposition instead of taking the ball down and play it out)?

  6. Why can't forwards/inside forwards and wingers ever round a goalkeeper? It's so annoying. If their running straight on with the keeper they usually hit it of them or it goes wide, if their coming in from an angle it mostly goes wide to the corner flag, and my old friend the inside forward/wingers hitting the side net and never squaring/pulling back the ball. It's ruining what is otherwise a great game.

  7. Thank you for the response guys, is there a way of loading players from those view only countries without using more PC power? Say i have Australia and Greece on view only, i understand their bios might not get updated but will there be any newgens come from there? Can i still buy/loan and sell players to and from those countries? Is it even worth scouting countries on view only?

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