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  1. After 3 season with Liverpool Insigne already made it in to the hall of fame, best £9 mil I have ever spent.
  2. I got Lorenzo Insigne from Napoli at the start of season 1 for £9 mil, season 2 and 3 he hit over 40 goals in all competitions, strike rate is just under 1 a game and he can also drop in to any AM role. Also he was not too greedy when it came to a new contract where others were wanting 150k and up and above £200k he settled for 105k.
  3. nope, but I did edit the expansion capacity of Anfield to 70000. Now in season 4 I am having to play at the City of Manchester Stadium now with 60000 capacity, while Anfield is being extended to a few seats below 70000. This is a long way behind Old Trafford which now has a 96000 capacity.
  4. Season 1 and 2 I was very lucky with injuries and obviously help with back to back Premierships. Season 3 however has been a nightmare, it seams to focus on areas early on it was defenders, through Feb and March lost all my AM's and forwards, which resulted in having to field 6 teenagers against Real Madrid away, they did me proud only losing to a late goal, eventually going out on away goals as they grab 88th minute fluke. Now with 5 games to go top on goal difference, I have all forwards and all players who can fill in as forward out injured for the rest of the season, my injury list is ridiculous. looks like I will have to do it the Spain way with out a striker, luckily it is not a tough run in. At least the board congratulated me on giving the kids a chance, like I had a effing choice!
  5. Insigne I picked up for 9 million season one, been a consistent high performer for me. Season 3 he is averaging just over a goal a game. I play him as a sole striker, but he can drop into any of the AM positions.
  6. I play Suarez out on the left as an IF not so good in the first half of season one, had a much better second half to the season. Season 2 he was spot on chipping in with 12 goals and lots of assists. Season three he has started off where he left of in season 2, he rarely has a poor game now. I play only one up front and Lorenzo Insigne (9mil season 1) has made the role his own 19 goals season 1, 28 season 2 and so far in season 3 has has 9 in 5 games, another plus for him is he is perfect for any attacking midfield role too, I can't recommend him enough.
  7. Ninja I love it.................after a goalmouth scramble, opposition GK found dead, no one saw it happen lol
  8. on my first go I got Real Madrid in my group 2-2 at their place 1-2 at home. My reward for getting through the group was Barcelona, at Anfield they battered us to a 0-0 draw and well the second leg losing 4-0 really was a let off it could have easily have been double figures. Some serious moral building needs to be done now as we battle it out with Spurs for the Premier league.
  9. Finally finished first season as Champions last game of the season and runners up in the Cup to Chelsea. After a what seemed a rocky start, the played poorly but lucky enough to get the points which kept us in touch up to Christmas and then they took off, it seems the whole team clicked and the tactics were a dream 4-2-3-1. Nem was awesome he has to be a must buy for anyone and so cheap too. However I have to mention Insigne a £9 mil buy had a rocky patch after a 5 week injury but came good again. http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/9620/94641236.jpg http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/7728/86106001.jpg
  10. I was until I hit 6 past Chelsea! Lorenzo Insigne after an explosive start then slumped and has just hit 6 in 3 games hope he continues like this. Suarez got his first goal of the season in November, he is just not hitting the target. Sitting 3rd first week of December, a point behind Everton! and 2 behind City.
  11. For £3.5 mil Wellington Nem is an absolute steel perfect on the right as an inside forward. I am also having success with Lorenzo Insigne played up front or out wide solid performer and good eye for goal, picked him up for £9 mil from Napoli.
  12. Again hardly a Giant, small club once again who had a good run and won the cup once. If winning the Cup once constitutes a giant then you will an have an almost endless list, it would make Oxford University a sleeping giant.
  13. Rubbish, I have done several saves and have yet to fail with Carroll although he is not prolific he still scores with the right tactics. If he stays fit and the team is performing he is good for 20 goals a season, I think people give up too easy on him, you just have to get the tactics right or download a good one. Carragher is still a Consistant performer although I play Coates and Agger which seems to be a perfect partnership, but Carragher plays well with either.
  14. The premier league started 1992/3 season They spent 10 seasons in the top flight between 1982 and 1992, they also spent seasons in the top flight in 1974/75 and 1955/1960. Their highest position was 7th which hardly makes them a giant never mind a sleeping one, a small club with a few good seasons. Now Huddersfield Town is what you may call a sleeping giant Champions: 1923–24, 1924–25, 1925–26 Runners-up: 1926–27, 1927–28, 1933–34 Third-place: 1922–23, 1935–36, 1953–54
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