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  1. Aston Villa is a nice challenge is this game. My results with Villa have been maddeningly inconsistent the first season or two until I upgraded the squad. I would have to agree that is par for the course with a midtable team.
  2. Penalties seem a bit off to me on this version. I don't ever remember missing so many. I've tracked three seasons worth of non-shootout penalties with Arsenal. First season made 5 of 12 for 42% conversion rate. Second season converted 6 of 10 for for 60% success rate and third season 12 of 14 for 86% success rate. Each year the rate has improved so I guess it is not a major issue. Does anyone know what the success rate of non shootout penalties is during the course of a whole season for the Premier League?
  3. Let me join in encouraging you to learn this amazing game. As an American who didn't grow up watching football/soccer this game had an ridiculously steep learning for me. FM2008 was my first version and I almost gave up but it kept pulling me back. I am still learning to play the game! This is the first version I am using my own tactics. If this game isn't the best sports simulation game around I don't know what is!
  4. Were penalties fixed?

    I have been tracking the success rate of penalties for my Arsenal save. I am almost halfway through the season and have attempted 9 penalties and have been successful only three times for a horrendous conversion rate of 33%. Misses have been by the likes of Fabregas, Van Persie and others. Either I have been incredibly unlucky and the team will not miss the rest of the season or there is indeed an issue with penalty conversion.
  5. Put me in the category of those that think mood swings are too erratic, no matter the reasoning behind the swings. I would like to see the swings toned down.
  6. Press Conferences

    Another vote to take press conferences out of the game. I will stop playing this great game before I start doing the mind-numbing press conferences. I let the AM do them and accept the results.
  7. I agree. I play FM for the sense of satisfaction that comes from squad building and player management over the course of several seasons. The game day micromanagement necessary in terms of press conferences, team talks and tactics to achieve maximum results may be more realistic but to me it is much more tedious and not a bit enjoyable. I understand that SI have a difficult task on their hands to try to cater to as many types of gamers as possible. I have only recently discovered this fine game (FM08) and am hoping that FM10 includes some penalty free opt-outs in the game day experience to lessen the increasing amount of time it takes to play through a full season.
  8. Ahha. I have not tried that option. That would definitely help speed things up. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, I wasn't aware of anyway to disable press conferences. I almost always send my assistant as well, however he is prone to say some stupid things on occasion. As a player that derives the most satisfaction and enjoyment from building a squad into title contenders over the course of several seasons, anything that increases the length of time it takes to play a season such as the mind-numbing press conferences is a step in the wrong direction. I would love for SI to add an option to disable press conferences entirely in 2010. From our lips to SI's ears.
  10. How do you turn off press conferences? I am definitely on the list of people that are finding press conferences detract from my enjoyment of this great game. I am hopeful that SI will find ways to speed a season along for FM2010. The increased amount of time (from the 2008 version) that playing through a season takes is my only major complaint.
  11. Faster.

    I'm at work now but I think it is on the main options screen in the game. As I recall it is just labeled "Threading". Just put a check in this box.
  12. Faster.

    With the dual core processor make sure you select the threading option in the options set up. This will send some processing work to the second core and help reduce processing time.
  13. As one who has appealed for a simpler and quicker game day, I am very encouraged by the concept of a tactics wizard and shout instructions. This is definitely a step in the right direction and one that will ensure that I will reenlist for FM2010. Also on my wish list is a bit more help from from the game on why my team is not achieving the results I expect. I have been playing just a bit over a year now and I can not read the match engine even when I watch full or extended highlights. Am I losing games I expect to win because I picked the wrong tactic or is it because of the 3 new players I've added to the squad or is it because one or two players had a bad game or is it because the I said the wrong thing at the press conference or before the game or is it that my team is too young to play consistently good football or is it that my team is just not as good as I think they are? I could go on but you get the idea. I believe some of my perceived tactical problems may not be tactical at all. I just don't know! Would it be possible get more feedback from the assistant on why things went right or wrong? I think most of my fun-killing frustration stems from not knowing what steps to take to get my team to the next level.
  14. Mini-Scout 2.0

    Thank you! Very much appreciated.
  15. I couldn't agree more! What a fantastic game but with the increasing complexity of tactics and the ME, the time required to achieve the maximum results has also increased. How many points am I dropping by not watching matches on full or extended? Who knows? The deal breaker for me is not tactical at all but the vast amount of time it takes to get through a season. I would love to see an option for the AM be able to take over the match and thus make the required tactical adjustments during the course of the game. That is my hope that SI will give this consideration.