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  1. heavybassX

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    We win! But that was a rubbish win.
  2. heavybassX

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Rashford on for Sterling
  3. heavybassX

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    And the cycle continues...
  4. heavybassX

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Belgium looked good when they finally got going.
  5. Uruguay and Egypt are watching that defense and plotting to rip it apart.... Salah, Suarez and Cavani are rubbing their hands.
  6. heavybassX

    Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

  7. heavybassX

    Belgium - Euro 2016

    This thread can now be closed now.... the dream IS DEAD.
  8. heavybassX

    Hodgson Steps Down

    It was either resign or get publicy sacked or face the firing squad. Ok the last one was extreme but he had NO hope.
  9. heavybassX

    England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

  10. That'll be interesting if it's Northern Ireland
  11. Looks like it's either Albania, Northern Ireland or if the Czech beat Turkey then its them
  12. Czechs win then it'll be them vs Wales
  13. heavybassX

    Group B - Slovakia V England & Russia V Wales

    Can't blame anyone in here if they defect to Wales, after all we have the more chance of progression