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  1. England are 45 minutes away from a WC Final, no wonder most of us are nervous as ****
  2. Russia can be beaten btw, it was to Uruguay... only reason why they're here because they took advantage of Spain's lack of attack and lucked out on penalties. Croatia however swept past Argentina and looked impressive... past the meh game against Denmark.
  3. So next game is either going to be the hosts or Croatia. I rather we get Croatia because it would be a good game, not so that the game will be rigged if we get the Russians.
  4. My MOTM was Henderson... literally controlled the midfield.
  5. Will Brazilians blame Neymar this time?
  6. Someone said Henderson was MoM? He endured so much **** from the twats in yellow.
  7. Which is why it's going to be hilarious if we win it on spirits.
  8. Drunk obviously, can't blame him... Eric Dier just killed 22 years of Disappointment.
  9. And the CO2 crisis continues.... how long before the country is euphoric over Chardonnay?
  10. ****ING 22 YEARS WE WAITED FOR THAT. BUT FINALLY A VICTORY ON PENALTIES!!! Now watch us bottle it against Sweden...
  11. Saw this on Sky Sport's text feed.... and I'm like oh no, I hope he's Spanish.
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