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  1. [Released] Vibrevte Skin

    Yeah, I've deleted this picking bar (mainly because there's no such thing in FM Live's Vibrante ). If you want to get it back all you have to do is to go to Vibrevte skin directory and open panels/team squad.xml file. Then find this line: <!-- widget class="picking_panel" id="pkpn" / --> And change it to: <widget class="picking_panel" id="pkpn" /> Reload the skin and vuala! Hope that'll help. Cheers!
  2. Does anyone have an idea how to remove this......

    Hmm... I see you're using my skin, but I must admit, that I don't understand what have you done that this bar appeared It's not visible in the original version. But anyway - there are two ways to get rid of it: 1. Editing the header.xml file which is located at the panels directory in the skin folder. You need to remove the lines responsible for that bar - in the original FM 2009 skin, and probably in most other skins, those are: <widget class="picture" id="pict" file="interface/menubar/bar" auto_size="vertical" cached="true"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="bottom" inset="0"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="160"/> </widget> This is what I've done in Vibrevte. 2. You can also edit graphic files responsible for the bar (those are located in interface/menubar directory in the graphics folder of the skin), making them transparent. So the bar will actually still be there, but it'll be invisible I've made those graphics for you, you can download them here. All you need to do is extract them to the graphics folder of the skin you're using. Hope that'll help. Cheers
  3. [Released] Vibrevte Skin

    Vibrevte 1.0 by jakubkwa for CM Revolution This skin for FM 2009 was inspired by and based on Vibrante skin from FM Live. I'm not 100% satisfied with it, because: 1) It's not an exact copy of Vibrante - this was not possible to make due to technical reasons. 2) One day before the release of my skin SI has published FM Live 1.3 in which Vibrante was changed a lot, making it look even better... So to clarify this up - my skin is based on Vibrante from FM Live pre 1.3 version. Anyway, here it goes: LINK
  4. Revolution skin [released]

    I don't mind, especially that I don't have a netbook, don't know what problems you suffer on it and wouldn't know how to fix them Good work, thanks!
  5. Button text colour problem

    Yeah, that surely does work and thanks for that response. But still AFAIK we're not able to get to every occurence of the graphics/button/button in the game through xml files. For example the ones for responses in the news items - they're loaded dynamically during the game, not statically from xml, so we're not able to change them with the method shown above. Or can we?
  6. Button text colour problem

    It doesn't work But thanks anyway
  7. Button text colour problem

    Hi! I've got a problem with setting button text colour independently. What I want to do is change the colour of the text displayed on the following button: It's the button located directly in graphics/button folder. Anyway - I can change the colour of the text by editing the "menu" record in colours.xml, but that automatically changes the colour of the text in the menu and also few other places (like other buttons - those which are created from graphics/button/blue directory): So my question is - is there a way to change ONLY the colour of the text in graphics/button, without changing any other buttons or menus text colour?
  8. Revolution skin [released]

    Yeah, the link's broken, we've got server issues, but you can download it form a mirror - http://www.filefront.com/14009857/fm2009-revolution-skins.rar/ Cheers!
  9. Revolution skin [released]

    Wow, didn't know anybody posted this here Anyway, I want to let you know, that I've made the new version (1.1) of the skin in which many reported bugs where fixed. It can be downloaded directly from English language version of CM Revolution (the skin is based on this site layout): http://www.football-manager.info/graphics/file/Revolution-Skin-1_1.html Be sure to delete the 1.0 version (if you have it) before installing the new one. Cheers!