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  1. You've sent £10.00 to Alex Everson from bren2k4@....com
  2. Count me in. Maybe best to tag me again when monies due, I've been a bit inactive lately
  3. Can anyone figure out how to compare this bet for me? Griezmann to score in first 10 mins of either half - 10/1 Griezmann AGS - 7/4 I tried to break it down to a minutely ratio, failed miserably
  4. Dipped a bit this morning but I've been looking at them for the last 2 days. I can't see them losing, it's a case of wether they go for a win IMO. They rarely concede, and I think whilst Italy may make a couple of changes, they won't want to disrupt the rhythm they've created so far. Have £70 on at 2.48. -1 available at 9/2 :o
  5. Slovakia looking to be a tougher test than anticipated pre tournament, which I imagine is when the B365 marketing team decided on the £50 offers. They probably expected Slovakia to be a bit of a walkover, and decided against hosting the offer on that match. I imagine if we get through they will do it on every match until we're eliminated, and likely see it in the Semis and the Final regardless of teams.
  6. Why as of today do we have 2 matches at 8pm? And tomorrow too. Tuesday & Wednesday 2 matches at 5pm, 2 at 8pm. What's happened to the 2pm kick offs?
  7. Ronaldo misses a penalty ffs Really messes up my day. In the last Portugal match, I had £100 on them and a treble relying on them at 5/1. They've let me down twice now, not gonna let that happen again.
  8. He's not too bad in honesty. He has a bit of a craic too, which I think makes him more likeable. However there are a lot of people out there who dislike him simply because he is Robbie Savage.
  9. Had a good day yesterday. Today had £72 on Belgium, which profited a straight £60. Then £20 DNB on Hungary, stake returned - but also received a £10 free bet for the Portugal game. Have £88 on Portugal to win, £10 free bet on Ronaldo FGS and have also put £10 cash on Ronaldo FGS too.
  10. France looked a bit more threatening. Imagine Germany will scrape it towards the end.
  11. I occasionally have the odd horse racing bet on B365 to make use of it. Never bloody win though Have been using the offers for years now, probably about 5 years in all. Surprised they've not banned me to be honest.
  12. Marathonbet - signed up simply for the bonus, and WinCashLive - again signed up for bonus only. Won both bets on each, so anything I make now is simply profit. Both had an offer enhancing a win. Marathonbet was France to 5/1 (£5 max stake), enhanced price paid as free bet (23.75 free bet). Wincashlive was England at 10/1 Max £5, again enhanced winnings paid as free bets. So received £47 free bets on there. Have £20 on Muller FGS in this.
  13. I have £27 of free bets on one site, £23 on another. Struggling to pick something at the moment. Any thoughts for tomorrow? I like Italy, but at 1.9 they're a bit low. Considered doubling them with Spain, but don't think the site allows free bets to be used on multiples
  14. I had £100 on France -1 last night. I feel like I robbed the bookies
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