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  1. Not sure it's a role thing although others can feel free to correct me I imagine it would be an Aggression, Bravery, Work Rate of the strikers VS Composure, Decisions and Awareness if the defenders with a few other attributes thrown in
  2. They defended narrow and compact but their defensive line wasn't that deep. That being said line of engagement appeared deep and the FBs where on defensive instructions. You moved the ball mainly through short passes only 1 dribble was attempted the entire game so they never really had to move out of that shape. This meant all you created was really low quality chances (only one shot hit a 0.1 xG) It feels like there was a chance to use the speed in your squad certainly I know Watkins and Idah are fast a few more direct passes and early crosses and I think they could have got in behi
  3. There are some good guides out there but basic principal seems to be isolate your 2 best headers together and force the ball there. Add a couple of decoy runners elsewhere but keep everyone else out of the way
  4. I'd say you can have your RW on attack especially with your RB not having an overly attacking role. At least 1 of your CMs can take a more aggresive role. Perhaps look at giving DCL a different role I wouldn't recommend DLF for him whilst the role requires holding up the ball, something he is good at, it also requires him to then move the ball back to the midfield which will kill the counter attacks you want. He is also then asked if he can turn play passes for his teams or create them for himself, but he doesn't have the Passing, Vision or Flair to do consistently. Finally what
  5. Not sure this is a tactical one overly. From that first screen shot you have 5 players in need of a rest, 2 injured and 5 players on the bench who aren't match sharp. If you want to play that high tempo game I think you need to be rotating more.
  6. I think you can be more aggresive with Rashford he's backed up by a DLP on defend and a WB on support so you can afford him on attack. Don't make him an IW his crossing isn't good enough I would look at a different role for your CMs Pogba has 11 for work rate BBM is a role that really requires much more and Fred has 11 Vision and 14 in Passing which isn't good enough to be the main playmaker in a title challenging team so at the very least swap them if not reconsider their roles. I would also switch the sides of Fernandes and Martial. This will mainly help Martial as your playing him
  7. I'd simplify the tactics slightly as Experienced defender said remove prevent short GKD you lack the players but also go check the analyst reports on the rest of the divisions defenders, what is their dribbling, first touch and passing? It's pretty rubbish I'd imagine you want them playing it short rather than hoofing it up the to the target man they have up front. Not sure the BPDs is a good idea we hear the title and imagine this means they are comfortable on the ball and play shorter passes rather than just hoofing it but it actually means they try to play "Defence splitting through ba
  8. I have no data to back this up but it certainly feels like I've conceeded less in transition since I moved my CBs to Cover and Stopper rather than being on defend maybe there is another reason for this other than the role change. I think Busquets trait definately did impact the game looking at average positions Musah is so much further forward than Soler I can't say I know Musah well but I would be surprised if they would give him a more attacking role than Soler
  9. Think your giving up a couple of mismatches here that are giving them a way to win Firstly lining Garcia up against Maxi Gomez not sure how he has developed in your game but from the default database you are giving up 5 points in Heading, 4 points in Jumping Reach and 4 points in Strength plus Gomez's 17 off the ball vs Garcia's 13 in Marking means 9/10 if the ball is in the air Gomez is going to win it and will probably wind up on target. Switching CB sides will reduce this deficit a lot. 2nd Gaya vs Messi when Messi is on the ball that's a hell of a match up but going the other way M
  10. I think it would be interesting to introduce kick off meetings when you send a scout off on a long term assignment where you can advise the scout on where you are sending them and what you are looking for, but also to inform them of existing resources within the club that they could use to help their assignment. Perhaps you could ask them to get a report from another scout or member of the coaching team before leaving or to check in with an affiliate team in the region which could speed up their knowledge growth at the start of the assignment. Conversely, it might also be useful to
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