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  1. Thanks mate. How is AZ and Eredivisie in general
  2. Competing in Europa or CL to me is quite challenging and one of my main interests. Its quite difficult progressing from a lesser country.
  3. Preferred league(s): Not one of the big European leagues (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal). Perhaps Scotland, Netherlands, Belgium or any other Expectations: Should not be the strongest team in the league, a challenger with potential to vie for domestic title and qualify for Europe Philosophy: "Develop youth" is ideal Finances: Should be reasonable Youth/Training Facilities: As good as possible. In the past i enjoyed taking European teams from lesser leagues and making them progress in Europe through epic David Vs Goliath clashes. Eg i had a dream save with Hibernian with whom i made to final of Europa League. Unfortunately Hibernian have a crap team, and in many such leagues it becomes boring after a season or two. Any suggestions?
  4. I realize this is a 2018 thread, but how is the Dutch Eredivisie for a save? I am interested in a mid to top tier team-definitely not a top 4 side. Perhaps a club with good youth system. Challenge domestically, and then make a fairytale run in Europe
  5. Whats the most enjoyable league outside Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal? I am looking for a lesser league which by itself is fairly competitive with numerous strong sides. Ultimate aim would be seeing a team challenge and progress in European competition In the past i ve done it once with Hibernian of Scottish league-progressed to finals of Europa. It was a really enjoyable save. But at that time they had a very good side. Not now.
  6. Is this an enjoyable league? I have played it in the past editions, and it becomes quite easy after a season or two. The real fun to me would be for a small Scottish Club to progress in Europe be it CL or Cup.
  7. Just started playing FM. And strangely i am facing this issue where i have absolutely no problems in between matches. Btw i use Windows 10 However during a match/game, the screen becomes black...and then the laptop goes on hibernation/sleep mode. I switch it on manually, it goes to logins screen, i login, and it returns straight to the match-post login. And strangely after returning to the game the crowd volume starts going on and off. You can only hearing the kicking of the ball. Very unusual. First game i played this happened 5 times. Second match twice. Anything i can do to rectify this?
  8. How is the Scottish League in general? I used to play few editions ago, one thing i hated is after 2-3 seasons there is practically no competition
  9. Hi guys, looking for non major European league for a long interesting save with the hopes of challenging in Europe. Is the Dutch league competitive? Suppose i take a mid tier Dutch side. For example i used to like the Scottish League, but the issue is whether you take Celtic or Rangers or any other team, after 1-2 seasons you have no competition.
  10. This is a difficult tactic to replicate in FM. I have a few questions. 1) Team Shape- Should it be Structured or Fluid? Because most players seem to go beyond their basic duties in VCF when attacking, but at the same time when defending they keep shape. 2) How do you get the two strikers to press like they do in real life. Zaza, Rodrigo/Mina literally drop to midfield to press opposition? 3) How do you block passing lines of opposition in FM? 4) How do you manage Soler in FM? Because in real life you cant call him a 100% wide player. He starts out wide, but also goes narrow to add solidity of a 3 man midfield. 5) What type of pitch dimension is good for VCF strategy? And having tried recreating this in FM, i also had a lot of issues with the midfield duo of Kondogbia/Parejo. Too much of space between them, Parejo especially not good enough defensively .
  11. Guys any idea how to setup tactics Marcelino style?
  12. Anyone know how to implement Marcelino's tactics with VCF in FM He uses three central midfielders, although the third midfielder (Soler) drifts wide when attacking, moves inwards when defending. Both strikers cover the entire opposition half, pressing defenders. And one winger plays wide
  13. Can SI please include the elevated camera view? It was probably one of the most balanced camera views.
  14. I play with Valencia CF and use a 4-3-2-1 formation in the sense 4 defenders, 1 DM, two central midfielders, two wide wingers, and a forward. Classic Valencia of early 2000's used to be devastating in counter attacking. They used to have fast wingers who could catch opposition by surprise during counter attacks or simply beat the offside trap, leave defenders behind and score. In a sense this is what i want to do. Not too concerned about possession, but i have wast wingers and a forward. I want the midfield to be able to send in long range passes, or defence splitting through balls. So that 1) I can catch opposition by surprise on the break 2) Suck defenders high up the pitch and then beat them by pace creating one on one situations etc. Any tactical suggestions on how i can achieve the above. My players hardly send in through balls, and muck up every counter attack, despite having pace, acceleration. Also can i adjust my pitch dimension in any way to facilitate this tactic.
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