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  1. That's an excellent idea, I would open it but recently Akter is not in the best mood and he would close it within minutes. Other than that, how can a forumer be constructive speaking about the missing of the dark skin ? Simply asking for it to come back as we did but the SI answers have honestly been quite outraging/comic. Then, if polls are a fake tool, why don't you disable such a function in the forum ? It would be an elegant solution, instead of saying they are useless.
  2. I disagree at all. Polls are the only way to show exactly what forumers think without any further doubt. Not all the polls, as you imply, are intended to highlight negative aspects. Polls are exactly like when you are expected to vote for a politic faction, the opposite one always get angry about a bad poll result or, even worst, they try to throw mud on the poll itself arguing they are fake or a nonsense. Saying that implicitly the arguer says all the votant people are dumb. I therefore disagree both with your statement and the background FM13 light-grey/white skin.
  3. I think it has been closed because the percentage would have reached 99% in a blink of an eye, the remaining 1% would have been represented by SI members. That's the immense power of Polls. Facts, not opinions.
  4. I thought the videos were meant to give to the customers a preview of FM 13. I now discover that they should not be considered like that or that we have all bad monitors brightness settings or we all have eyes problems. Ok, nice to know.
  5. Miles, we all have seen many 1080p full screen videos to be already able to express a opinion, as this thread shows.
  6. Ah... there are a few who likes to place mines for blind color customers as the poll states.
  7. Ackter, sorry to say it but that's a shame. I really hope you are right but it can be be really hard for a modder to do that. To be honest this is another own goal made by SI above all considering that some customers are color blind and the other ones will be forced to use the sun glasses. I would patch it the first day if I was in SI and I think all the forumers agree on that. Please fix it before the release.
  8. Seeing the recent trend I feel this thread will be closed soon. The next year I won't buy anymore FM, I am sick of all these console tricks.
  9. 900 new features.....the removal of the dark skin is clearly one of those.
  10. Another console decision.... I hate the white skin. I will be forced to play with my sun glasses, thank you very much SI, much appreciated.
  11. Same here. I have already pre ordered the game just like I am used to do since some years. Just for this reason I feel I am entitled to critic if something IMO has been dumbed down too much, just for example the training system like Matej has pointed out. I can even understand that this thread is going in a loop so I am not against closing it, it would be better anyway if, despite the closing, this thread would have left something to think about, SI. I also think it is not just a loop to fill the time before the release it is something more and it should deserve a bit of attention for its contents.
  12. Being myself not young anymore I have spent my last hours doing this and that, just to be on the topic.... I come here to the forum right now, to read 2 different way of living. One, represented by some old fans, married or not, busy, but still happy to think in a shining way, playing FM and sharing opinions within this community. Yes I called it a community, not a forum. On the other side I read the opinion of Neil Brok, speaking only about how much money a FMC edition could add to the business he is a part of. I think this is self explanatory about how time changes persons and how the same time does not change other persons. I would have appreciated to read at least one comment from Neil speaking about an emotion but clearly for you Neil, FM does not represent an emotion anymore. @ Milner : I think that a bunch of beers would make us friend for a while, anyway Eugene is keeping an eye on me, I do not want him to get jealous
  13. LOL Miles will be happy after reading your post I hope Miles and above all his t-shirts will be here for a while, assuming he won't change further the classic FM mode of course
  14. Now I am starting to like you. Because the conversation is polite, even if we have different ideas.
  15. The FMC is only one of the way the game has changed. Anyway I am adult enough to choose how much time to dedicate to a game so if I will be in lack of time I'll simply pause playing until I have some time and willingness to start playing again but I will never ever use FMC. .....Above all considering that you will be watching me
  16. My memory often fails but if I recall correctly I think to have seen a poll where it was asked which way you will play FM, only a tiny percentage voted for FMC. This forum is only a part of the world but the world can't be totally different in terms of opinion. So why did SI introduce such a feature when the polls are against it ?
  17. Which Special Moves have players within FM13 ?
  18. That was just an answer to someone who IMO was in needing to chill out a bit, before rioting against the ideas of other forumers in a personal way. Told that, we are not discussing about what is optional. I have nothing against a option of course, otherwise it would be like discussing if it better a grey or blank background color of FM. I was just pointing out that year by year I have the feeling ( sometimes not just a feeling ) that SI is introducing console features and it is forcing to take them as improvements while IMO they are not. Someone may say : " that's how the world goes, get a grip on the reality " ...someone else may argue that this is not a fair way to move the market towards hidden wills.
  19. First of all I see that the moderator has reminded the youngsters to speak about other's and own opinions and not about the physical counterpart behind a nickname. Thanks for that, I hope the youngsters will learn from the moderator teaching. Second, I share your feeling Teutomatos, we know that nowdays selling a game among various platforms is highly rewarding for software houses. As we stated we are not against that, we are against the fact that year by year the console way of playing is slowly eroding features to the classical FM. That is a shame from my point of view too. Considering that this is really happening you all have to expect some grannies here to chime and complain against that, even if you young boys think the world is upon you and your ideas. I am sorry but you will always face someone in the world with different ideas and he will have no fear on expressing it in a forum, even if my english is not so good.
  20. Instant results is a bad way of playing FM, even if it is a option. Now, what's wrong with my statement boys ? C'mon.
  21. Again I share your post 100% above all the quoted statement. It seems to me that someone seeks to find a valid reason for everything SI does. I am not one of those sheep.
  22. What do you mean ? To me everything the game allows is " legal ". I consider the usage of FMRTE as " illegal " or better said " cheat ".
  23. Milner, despite you have scored a lot of posts it seems you can't even imagine someone having an idea different from your truth. At this point I think that going on in the discussion is a dead road.
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