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  1. Hi I am american also. I am from Mexico. And your wrote good stuf but try to be more especific and dont develop to much your idea. It would be nice to see a tactic that you develop with this ideas.
  2. Error Mexican Lower División - too many teams (20) requested from mexican third división group 02 (11 teams)
  3. Is there a way to edit a team so he can only sign nation players. Like Mexican Team Chivas or some basque teams?
  4. vHi: I got stream game. Last time there was a problem the instuctions were to change to the public beta to solve them. So i did that. Now that i change back my save games dont load. But when i change back again to public beta they load without any problem. How can I make my save games función in the normal game?
  5. I edit nation rules and add mexican second division the problem is that i can play first season and when finish they name champion but champion is never promoted and second season never starts it never put new fixtures. When i test rules its says everything is ok.
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