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  1. winning the World Cup 2022 with England, 1-1 against Brazil in the final and Jonjo Shelvey pops up in the 93rd minute to score the winner, was awesome!!
  2. Had a couple of players not turn up for training in the past. Also, in FM 09 I think it was, had a player punch another player in a Brazilian League match, I'd say that was fairly contoversial, although not in the same context as your saying...
  3. Have tried both routes, had a lot of success on FM 11 with a tactic posted on these forums, won a lot of trophies, but it did feel somewhat shallow. Definitely struggle more when creating my own, but I agree, it's a great feeling when you get it right! Currently playing a game, similar to Dafuge's challenge, and have been using my own tactics all the way, it is quite fun, currently languishing in League 2 a bit, I refuse to give up though, will continue with my 5-2-3-1 counter attacking formation, or maybe I should try something new....
  4. Been thinking about purchasing 12 for a little while, but currently have a great save on 11, although my enthusiasm for it is waning slightly. I'm getting to the point where I feel I have won everything, and want a new challenge. What exactly makes 12 better than 11, I know it will be a matter of opinion, but what is good about the new features?
  5. Not bad for a debut season, i'm just wondering how he'll manage to top it! EDIT: He just won the World Cup golden boot as well, scoring 8 goals
  6. My god, i wondered what had happened to Bayern's riches! Amusing to see Chelsea relegated to League 1 also Great stuff mate! EDIT: Christ i didn't notice QPR, worth 2 billion! Madness.
  7. Hey guys, just posting a little annoyance i have with the fans on this game. Currently managing Burnley, won the Championship at the first time of asking and am about a third of the way through my first season in the Prem. Had a pretty decent start considering the expectation is to try and avoid relegation. We're sitting 9th after 11 games, 5 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. Now, you'd think they should have no complaints, especially when i restrict both Arsenal at the Emirates, and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, to 1-0 wins. Of course i was expecting to lose, so was pleased to have stopped a rout in either match, despite being under the cosh for most of the time. After each match though, the fans were "dissapointed with the result". I was gobsmacked, how many newly promoted teams have gone to either of these stadiums and been destroyed four, five, or six nil? I don't know what they're expecting, i think i'm doing pretty well so far! Does anyone else find this quite annoying, even though it doesn't really have too much bearing on the game overall, it jst get's on my nerves when i see that message
  8. Hey guys, it's been a while since i last posted, for whatever reason i've only just got round to buying a new screen for my PSP, it should be arriving in a day or two, so hopefully i'll carry on with this challenge. I may start a new game not too sure yet, quite looking forward to posting here again! I see there's still a few of the regulars on here, or that were regular when i was last posting, anyway's i really can't wait to get stuck into FMH again, i've missed it!
  9. Where was that from mate? The best i could find was £40 with postage...
  10. Well, i'm gonna have to put this on hold, as earlier today, i somehow managed to crack my PSP screen! Very annoying as it costs £40 for a new one and i don't get paid till next week So that sucks majorly, i was really enjoying the challenge and it was just getting good!!
  11. Well i'm 5 seasons into this challenge, and even though i haven't managed to get one of the top jobs yet, i've had a very colourful and successful career so far... I managed to get Northampton to the Championship, via a 6th place finsih and play-off win, however i resiged in July as the Serbia job came up and i fancied a new challenge. They had a really good team, with players like Vidic, Stankovic and Tosic to name but a few. I got them to AND won the Euro 2012, beating Spain 2-0 in the final, this put my rep up to National, and i was offered the Derby job, which i took! They had finished a respectable 15th in the Premier League the season before and i was expected to avoid relegation, i said i could gain a respectable league position, and surprisingly, thanks to the signings of some great emerging talent, and the experience of players like Micah Richards and Julio Baptista, i managed to finish 3rd! On top of that i won the Leaue Cup, the best was yet to come however. My Serbia team stormed the World Cup 2014, beating teams like Argentina 3-0, and Holland 4-1 on the way to a 3-1 win over Germany in the final! My rep is now at World Class, so i'm hopeful i can get the next major club vacancy that appears. In the mean time i left the Serbia and Derby jobs. EDIT: I have just taken the AC Milan job!
  12. I started this challenge yesterday and took the Northampton job, was expected to achieve a respectable position, but managed to win League 2. Currently in February of the next season, expected to battle bravely against relegation but am sitting in 4th. Thanks in no small part to the free signings of a few, otherwise un-affordable players. Especially Diego Buounanotte, who i managed to get on a £2,500 pw contract, he's worth £2.5M! My second most expensive is worth £110K, so that's quite a difference! Anyway, i'm hopeful i can achieve another promotion, especially as i've got a few bosmans coming! Unless of course i get another job, which i'm hopeful of tbh!
  13. Gonna give this a crack i reckon, i did it for 08 and turned B'ham into PL champions, but lost interest, i'll see how i go this time!
  14. Hey guys, It's been a while since i've posted something on this forum, some of the veterans will know me . I have been checking up on the site recently though, with the build up to the latest release. In all honesty, i was fairly dissapointed with 2009, although it had some breakthrough features (match engine, multiple leagues etc), it failed to grab my attention for as long as previous versions, i think for the most part this was down to the frustrating and erratic match engine. I am hopeful this time, however, that SI have been working almost exclusively on polishing the overall game, apart from the extra country, which i'm very pleased about btw! I think if they can get the match engine close to 2009, but with the 2D pitch, it will be very very good. My PSP has been gathering dust for a while now, what with social life, girlfreind, college work etc, and the fact that i play my 360, i haven't had time to play handheld, i'm really hopeful for this years version, and that it can re-ignite my love for what i consider to be the best PSP game on the market. I'm also hopeful to start contributing to the forum more regularly, fingers crossed Anyway, just thought i'd post my thoughts on the upcoming release, what's everyone else's thoughts on 2010? COTA
  15. Right an update on my career, 3 seasons gone and yet another highly succesful one! After the great Premiership debut, the board gifted me £36M to spend, with a wage budget of up £120K per week, per player. So i wasted no time in making some high profile signings, as well as selling a few unwanted squad members. After selling some players, i brought in 4 major signings, Hulk (£18M), Hamsik(£19M), Arshavin(£700K) and Naldo(£8M) I had been using St Dazzles 4-5-1 up to this point, which works brilliantly in getting your team into the prem and beating top teams, however, i decided to switch to bugels 4-3-3 for this season, considering my team was now easily good enough to challenge on all fronts! The team looks like this --------------------Foster------------------- -Mancienne----Upson-----Naldo------Cahais-- ------Mikel---------Ballack-------Hamsik----- ------Doyle---------Hulk--------Arshavin----- A significant improvement from the previous season! It was extremely successful, i won the league by 14 points, scoring the most and conceding the least! As well as the Carling Cup AND the Champions League! To be honest, my main goal was the league, as i'm hoping to move on to Italy/Spain as soon as i can and the CL is acheivable in either country, i feel i've taken Reading as far as i can, i've won essentially all i can with them, apart from maybe another Charity Shield or Euro Super Cup So hopefully a new challenge will await, i expect i'll have to start the new season though, as there never seems to be decent vacancy's in pre-season, strangely.....