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  1. I honestly thought we were going to throw it away, not sure how we can top that achievement next Season hoping for a good Champions League run as our seeding should rise giving us a better opportunity to Qualify for the Knockout Stages. Damn, that is a tough Group but you never know some good home form and maybe you can progress
  2. I literally cannot believe what has just happened!! EUROPA LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!!! I admit being 3-0 up at half time was unreal and when they pulled it back to 3-2 I was worried it would go to extra time but we hung on and achieved the impossible, what a moment!! Incredible stuff, love the game!! :D
  3. It has been an incredible Season for us so far in Europe, we finished third again our Champions League Group so we went into the Europa again a drew Wolfsburg we had to rely in penalties to get past them after winning 3-2 in the First Leg we were beaten 3-2 in the return, next round pitted us against Atletic Bilbao and we managed a superb 4-1 victory away!! The home leg saw us draw 2-2 so once again we progressed and were drew to face Sporting CP. We had played them in the Champions League a few Seasons ago but didn't manage a win against them so I knew it would be tough, however my players showed no fear at we triumphed 2-0 in their back yard! They beat us 2-1 at our place but we progressed once again so now we reached the Semi-Finals and we drawn against Burnley! I had to check at they were actually doing very well in the Premier League they've become a good side usually finishing between 5th and 9th so we new it was a mammoth task! We played the First Leg at Turf Moor at went down to a spirted 3-2 defeat and I knew it would be an uphill struggle especially with our Squad having to fit in two legs in the FA Cup and matches against Sparta & Plzen before the Second Leg, my players were tired but still had enough in the tank for the Second Leg we went out going for the victory we needed and we got the WIN!! We truimphed 2-1 which meant we progressed to Final on away goals (not that I cared how we got through!) Now bring on Chelsea in the Final, who has breezed past everyone they have faced so far! Regardless of what happens in the Final Josef Ctvrtnicek our centre half has become a Legend for the Club with the winning goal to allow us to reach our first ever Europa League Final!
  4. I think they've started to improve that area of the game with using Motion Capture Technology it will improve steadily in the future.
  5. I run Medium Database and have loaded up the Czech First & Second Leagues, English all the Football Leagues, Ligue One, Bundelsiga 1 & 2, Eredivise, Serie A & B, Portuguese Premier Division, All Scottish Leagues and the top two Spanish Leagues. That's gutting! Especially after gate-crashing the Champions League spots, best of luck for the Season ahead.
  6. I hope they continue to sell them together, I mainly play FMC at the moment but every now and then I do enjoy playing the Fully Loaded version so if they sold FMC as a stand alone I'd be gutted as I use both versions.
  7. Thanks, some small and steady progress in Europe is definitely keeping me interested in this save hope for some honours within the next five years! Aiming high!!
  8. 2020-21 Season Review Another very good domestic season for us as we retained our domestic title, that makes it four titles in a row now think there has been a power shift in Praha now as Sparta haven't had much success - mainly because of all our own success and it feels good! We managed to go the whole Season unbeaten doing the domestic double over Sparta in the process but we drew seven games so Sparta were able to keep us in touching distance all the way which meant we couldn't slip up and eventually finished four points ahead of them and a massive TWENTY TWO points ahead of Plzen in third!! We caputred the domestic double beating Slovan Liberec in the final 2-0 we looked unlikely as we were beaten 2-1 in the first leg of the Semi Final but managed a superb 3-1 victory in the second leg that meant we recaptured the FA Cup after getting knocked out in the Semi Final last season. Europe was a massive bonus for us as we managed to finished third in our Champions League Group (albeit cruely on head to heads as myself, Schalke & Juve finished on ten points) that meant we went in to the Europa League, we were drawn against Benfica in the First Knockout Phase and while I didn't expect much we managed a respectable 2-2 draw in the away leg and an incredible 1-0 at home that victory was like winning the Europa League itself!! That left us with Man Utd in the next round and while I didn't expect much from these two legs other than complete destruction my fears were compounded when we were thumped 3-0 at Old Trafford so all I could ask for was the Second Leg to be over without too much damage done and that lead us to what I would say my greatest victory so far in this save an outstanding 3-2 at home. Sure we lost 5-3 overall but the fact we managed to score a victory over one of the best sides in the World gave me confidence that we were finally making progress in Europe at long last!!
  9. Youth Intake dates are now randomised each year, so it's never the same on a yearly basis making it harder for players to "nick" the best quality regens.
  10. I think it is randomised but it done before the actual draw, so when you view the draw it has already been carried out in the background you are just watching the animation side of it. I think that is what I read on here a while ago.
  11. It was agonising when I saw the table I was absolutley gutted really though Schalke would manage at least a point especially at home! Just managed to knock Benfica out of the Europa League drawing 2-2 away and winning 1-0 at home thanks to some brilliant counter-attacking/Parking the Bus!! Just the small matter of Man Utd in the next round!!
  12. Playing FMC on the PC Version, I had a similar experience every game players were getting injured (mainly midfielders) in the end I had about five of my seven midfielders out injured all for around two weeks plus had to call on Youngsters from the Reserves so I lowered the training intensity and the injuries stopped occurring and the players came back from injury and when they were fit I raised the intensity again (from Light to Medium) and everything was OK.
  13. Sounds like exciting times ahead!!Comfortably walked the League this Season to win our Third Title in a row and finished a comfortable EIGHTEEN points ahead of Plzen, we just powered through every team in our way in the League conceding just thirteen goals all Season. We were knocked out on away goals in the Semi-Final of the Cup by our Local Rivals Dukla Praha which was probably the only blemish on an other prefect domestic campaign. At the half way point of the the new season once again we are in First Place, but Slavia are close on our heels with a game in hand and only three points behind us so hopefully we'll have a good title race this Season. We are still in the Cup we now doesn't resume for a few months I am determinded to win that this season after getting knocked out in the Semi's last season by our Rivals. It's been a gutting European campaign, once again we made through the Qualifying stages of the Champions League and were drawn alongside Schalke, Juventus & Galatasaray I had no hopes of getting anywhere after losing 3-1 to Schalke in the opening game we followed that with a superb 3-1 home victory over Galatasaray then we battled hard and grabbed an impressive 1-1 at their place then brought us back down to earth though smashing us 5-1 at our place! I didn't have much hope of getting anywhere after that but we got a huge 1-0 at home against Schalke which left Schalke first on ten points, Juventus and ourselves on seven points and Galatasaray bottom on two points. So I was happy we'd at least get third, but we had our final game against Galatasaray so I was hopeful Schalke would beat Juve or at least hold them to a draw, we beat Galatasaray 2-0 but Juventus beat Schalke 4-2 with two goals in injury time So close, yet so far...heartbreaking but I hope we can get a good run in the Europa League.
  14. The positive is that we are at least getting decent money for them, those two that were sold had Minimum Fee Clauses in their Contracts that their Agent demanded they have (they were grayed out in Negotiations) but when we reject bids for our players they don't become upset which is a good thing I suppose. True, just don't seem to have any luck with Group Draws twice now we've had very difficult Groups, I'll stick at it for now and hope next season we can get that breakthrough!!
  15. Things have been going great domestically for us, I think we are the best club in the Czech Republic now back-to-back League Titles pretty comfortably losing only one game last season and that was because I was just giving some Youth Players are run out to see how they do, sadly I've lost two of my Key Players to Torino & Roma both for similar fees of around £6,000,000 so we are financially sound too. I decided to try and spend some of that one buying in Czech players and Youngsters as better quality players are either not interested in joining or require too high wages. Not being able to spend big attracting quality players means we still haven't managed to progress in the Champions League and again finished bottom of the group that consisted of Inter, Dortmund & Porto picking up just one point in the process. Opava have been taken over by a Tycoon so if they sack their Manager I might jump ship and build them into a force to compete with Slavia, Sparta & Plzen but in the meantime I'm quite happy are Slavia but getting frustrated about getting nowhere in Europe.
  16. I had the same playing on FMC, I am Manager of Slavia Praha and one of the Second Division sides were taken over by a Tycoon so I applied when the position became vacant and I was overlooked for the job despite winning back-to-back League Titles and Domestic Cups, doubt compensation was an issue as they had plenty in the bank (I would assume).
  17. I've got these two good young midfielders that have come through our Youth System one's 17 the other 19, just one small problem...and they both play similar positions!! Must be a nightmare for the opposition if they use Man Marking! Wonder if anymore will come through, might build a team of Svoboda's!!
  18. Halfway through the Season and things are looking positive for the us after the Winter Break we are top the League four points ahead of Sparta who have a game in hand and Plzen are struggling down seventh sixteen points behind us! We are still in the Cup so hopefully we can continue to progress there. My Squad isn't the biggest so managing three competitions with a small squad has been quite tough but it's allowed me to give me some more Youth Players a chance and some of them have been good for us. It was tough, sadly we didn't have much success and ended up bottom of the Group but our home form was pretty good did manage to get a 3-0 win against Wolfsburg and 2-2 draws against Ateltico and Sporting CP. Also just been approached by Watford to replace Nick Barmby who are seventeenth in the Premier League, think I'll pass on that offer but seems I'm beginning to attract interest from elsewhere.
  19. Best of luck in Russia John. Well little update, I made it to the Group Stages! Beat Steaua 2-1 & 3-1, pretty comfortable in the end and I've drew Sporting CP, Atletico Madrid & Wolfsburg not expecting much from the campaign hopefully we can give it a decent go and get the third spot or better who knows! Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!!
  20. They beat us in the Europa last season away and we drew with them at home and guess what I managed to beat them!! Lost 2-1 at home which made it a uphill battle but thanks to three (yes three!!) late goals scored in the 79, 84 & 89th minutes!! Yeah, I haven't hany luck in Europe at all so far, always drew difficult teams in the QF Rounds (Fiorentina in my first season in Europe then Zenit & Schalke in last season) Saying that I've just drew Steaua in the Final Champions League Play-Off Round so we should advance to the Group Stages *fingers crossed**Anyone know what to do if the screenshot button isn't working anymore? Just today it's randomly decided not to save screenshots anymore!
  21. Finally did it! Won the Czech League in convincing fashion, Sparta & Plzen came nowhere near me this season and I basically walked the League and hopefully that the first of many, also managed to win the Cup beating Teplice in the Final 2-0 so that's the Domestic Double for me and Champions League football if I can get past Celtic and the final play-off round. Didn't have much luck in Europe this season drawing Zenit in the Third QF which we got throught (lost 2-1 & won 3-1) then drew Schalke in the Play-off round and was outclassed (Lost 2-1 & 5-3) which sent us into the Europa League. In my Group were Spartak Moscow, Celtic & Galatasaray and we ended up finishing bottom not the best of times in Europe but the money has helped boost Finances. What should be interesting is a Second Division side Karviná have been taken over by a Tycoon so if they can get themselves promoted I might have a tough fight on my hands in the title fights (along with Plzen & Sparta) * I would post Screenshots but for some weird reason the Screenshot short cut isn't working for me :s
  22. They don't bother me, it's not like they pop-up in the middle of the screen with the offer they just appear in the bottom corner of some related news items. I don't feel forced to purchase them.
  23. Great unbeaten run, keep it going!! Just finished the 2016/17 season and managed to secure second place which see's me into the Champions League, didn't have much success in Europe as I drew Fiorentina in the Euro Qualifying Round. Domestically faired much better as stated I finished second and only lost three games, two against Sparta Praha and then the last game of the season Pribram. David Faupala has been a very good striker for me (signed in the first season) bagging eighteen goals in twenty five games and is now attracting interest from other clubs but managed to tie him down until 2021 so will take a good offer for me to sell him. Reached the Semi-Final of the Cup where guess what? We were knocked by Sparta Praha! They are the team to catch for me, Plzen seemed to have fallen away and struggled in the last two seasons so hopefully that allows me to become the second club in the Czech Rep. (for now, aiming for first) still that first trophy eludes me which I am desperate to get next season.
  24. Ended up finishing third on goal difference as a few injuries and a small squad caused me to drop a few points in the final few games, but I'm happy with getting into the Euro Cup. Looking forward to next season.
  25. I decided to start a new FM save over in the Czech Rep. and see if I can become a force in Europe. Rather than start as one of the "big" clubs (Sparta Praha & Plzen) I decided to go with Slavia Praha, they expected a mid-table finish which I thought was fairly straightforward...how wrong was I!? Ended up knocked out of the Cup by a non-league side! Couldn't string any wins together and ended up in a Relegation Battle which I survived due to winning my last two games! Second season is currently coming on very nicely tables have turned around massively and I'm up the opposite end of the table, was knocked out early doors of the cup again though (fourth round this time) however this time by Plzen. Hopefully things are looking good for the future , got some decent Youngsters in the Reserves that hopefully come into the First Team without my having to spend a lot of money which there isn't much of in the Czech Leagues.
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