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  1. I recently created a file re-activating Czechoslovakia as a playable Nation, this included moving all cities, clubs, staff and players to Czechoslovakia (from Czech Rep & Slovakia) and de-activating the two former Nations. To keep the Continents balanced I added British Virgin Islands to Europe, so Czechoslovakia and British Virgin Islands (both Full Time FIFA members) replaced Czech Rep. & Slovakia and made Sint Maarten as a FIFA Full Time Member to replace the British Virgin Islands. Everything works perfectly in the first season, Euro's run correctly but at the end of August (I think) when WC Qualifying Draw takes place the game crashes, any ideas? I know an alternative is probably to change Czech Rep. to Czechoslovakia so I'm only replacing Slovakia, but just wondering if the above is do-able.
  2. Some of the replies in this thread might help: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/460987-EFL-Cup-Academy-Sides so may this webpage which explains the format of the Groups, prize money etc.. http://www.efl.com/news/article/2016/efl-trophy-format-confirmed-for-201617-3170687.aspx
  3. Hi, I'm currently working on expanding the Czech Leagues, I have almost everything working all the Leagues run fine all verified. I'm kinda struggling with the Third Level relegation, which contains to sub-divisions (CFL and MSFL). Three teams get relegated from the CFL one each to the Fourth Level - Division A,B,C and MSFL has two relegated to Division D & E. The split in the relegation to sub-divisions works fine, (no CFL League sides go into Division D or E and vice versa) but instead of one relegated team from the CFL dropping into Division A,B or C sometimes two will drop into Division C forcing a team from Division C into either Division A or B, I can't seem to set relegation to more than one specific division so have to choose the Fourth Division (rather than Division A,B and C) Is it possible?
  4. I've created this competition using the advice from this thread (thanks Dave!), however using the "best EPPP" sides works fine for me in the first season, but in the second it just loads up random U21 sides from the Lower League. Changing it to "best youth setup" seems to be working for me so far (three seasons simmed). Just one quick query despite setting the Final to take place at the National Stadium the Final takes place at the Home sides ground any ideas?
  5. Youth Intake and the Records Broken (as long as it's not Winless runs etc...)
  6. I reckon Ranieri will become a Legend with Vardy & Mahrez becoming Icons.
  7. On FM14 I won the Premier League with Oldham and made it to the Semi's of the CL.
  8. Looking at the clubs in France they seem to have Olympique or Atheltic aside from the usual FC or AS. How about something like Olympique Paris, Atheltic Club de Paris (AC Paris - for short) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_football_clubs_in_France
  9. Basically I'm creating competitions in the Czech Republic and I want to create Cups for the specific Regions in the Czech Republic (ie. Praha Cup - for teams from Prague only) but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it, assume I have to use the Advanced Rules Option?
  10. Well my first season in the top Division ended up as expected, relegation. I couldn't stop it, we just went up too soon and didn't have the quality to ever look like staying up. Finished rock bottom, but on the plus side we managed to sign some of our key players to two/three year deals before relegation was confirmed so that was one positive to take from the Season. Not sure where to go from here, stick with Slavoj Vysehrad or move on. Not had any offers while I've been in charge though (other than S. Africa Manager - twice) so could be tricky finding something else soon. We've got some good young players that are developing well, so if we go straight back up I feel we can give it a better fight than last season.
  11. You wouldn't really expect many League One sides to create many chances at Old Trafford would you? Is he really proud that we struggled to create any decent chances against a League One side...LVG needs to go.
  12. It was weird because from about 13th - 4th there were always around four-five points separating all the teams so everyone were moving up and down. Here's Karvina's form http://oi64.tinypic.com/5myh4g.jpg (I do like I started their downward sprial!!), shocking six defeats in a row now wonder they sacked their Manager at the end of the Season, but it was too late by them Hopefully you can find some good signing to strengthen over the Summer at push forward at the challenge Litex & Ludogorets in the near future, or your Chairman sells up and the new one isn't as interfering!
  13. What a ridiculous end to the Season this was! Somehow we ended up winning the Second Division!! We had a difficult first half of the Season and went into the Winter Break just outside the Relegation Zone, but somehow managed to turn it around massively losing only one game after the Winter Break. Karvina were clear at the top of the League until they imploded in the final month and ended up down in sixth, we beat Most on the final day to clinch the title (I actually had to no clue we had a chance of the title). It's going to be a massive challenge to stay up in the First Division, especially since our Stadium has been delayed by three months so will have to deal with only a capacity of 200 people until mid-October, but bring it on!!! * Second player is England Manager, not being doing any sneaky cheating in case anyone is wondering! I know how you feel, why Chairman decided to say my key midfielder mid-way through the season for around £200k, granted it was a decent amount of money for the Club I reckon we could've got a lot more for him.
  14. Ah, cheers for that. I'll just deal with it not starting a new save just to fix this. Quite happy plodding along and don't really bother with International Management.
  15. Just noticed the World Rankings...Maldives best in the World!! :o
  16. Second Season finished and we managed to build upon last Season bringing in some good youngsters on free transfers and thanks to one good youngster who came through our Youth System we managed an brilliant fourth place finish, hoping I can build upon this Squad as I've managed to keep hold of the vast majority of the best players so hopefully will be able to bring in some cover to add Squad depth over the Summer. Once again made the Third Round of the FA Cup where we drew a First Division side once again and were soundly beaten. The only major downside was the financial situation what I didn't realise was in the first season we were in a temporary ground and moved back to our own ground with a capacity of a whole 200 people!! Hurt us financially considering we averaged 700 the previous season. Luckily the board have decided to build a new stadium which will be complete at the end of the season so things are looking bright for the future!
  17. Decided to start a new save as Slavoj Vysehrad in the Czech Second Division for a good challenge. I think it will be a difficult one as there is virtually no money available, had to make the most of Free Transfers and try and get them tied down to two/three year deals as the best players don't wish to renew their Contracts. Had a short run in the Czech FA Cup when we drew Sparta Prague at home in the Third Round. I was expected to fight bravely against Relegation but managed to finish a very respectable eight place, sadly our three best players have no wish to renew their Contracts so it will be hard to replace them so next Season is going to be tough challenge depending on who we can bring in over the Summer. End of Season Table:
  18. Well pre-season is over mainly arranged Friendlies against small sides and big Premier League sides won the easy games but got battered by the Premier League sides but the gate receipts help Not looking forward to this Season at all, managed to secure a few loan deals but a lot of the players on Free Transfers I was trying recruit were just not interested in joining us. Avoiding relegation will be a great achievement this Season...but here we go!!
  19. An incredible season, we only went and got promoted via the Play-offs! I can't quite believe it I'm really proud of this achievement, it's also quite remarkable that we only lost FOUR games all season just suffered too many draws. The Play-offs were fairly comfortable considering we won the first leg 4-1, drew the second leg 0-0 to set up a final with Gainsborough Trinity who we drew and beat in the two League games in the normal season so I was confident and considering we were 3-0 inside the first half hour I was optimistic then the football got a little crazy and the scoreline ended up 6-3...to us though!! Bring on next season should be a tough challenge to stay up!
  20. Once the game is loaded go to FM > Downloads > FMT Unlockables and scroll down until you find Attribute Masking and choose 'Apply'.
  21. I'm currently halfway through the Season and I'm sitting pretty nicely in 8th position a strong second half of the Season could see us sneak into the Play-offs but even if we don't make it I'm not too fussed as the aim for this Season was avoiding relegation, so hopefully we can finish around where we are now and aim for Promotion next Season. Had a decent cup run, made it to the First Round of the FA Cup which involved a brilliant 4-2 victory over Conference side Macclesfield we were battered by League One Crew in the First Round. Didn't get too far in the FA Trophy as we drew Wrexham who were flying high in the Conference. Other than that I'm happy with how things are going at the moment, maybe I'll try and get a few loan deals in when the Transfer Window opens in January and strengthen the Squad/add some depth. Also just been offered the job at Torquay who are currently bottom of the Conference but opted to turn it down, think staying at FC Utd is the better option.
  22. I'm looking forward to it, hope will become a good long term save for me. Starting off well signed a decent young GK and Striker on free transfers who have improved the team, played twelve games so far and I'm currently unbeaten...won four drew eight games but still unbeaten!!
  23. Decided to start a career as FC Utd since they are playable on this version. Started one with them on the BETA but I've decided to start again on the full release version, should be good to take them to the Premier League (I hope) and have three Manchester Clubs fighting it out for the title. Looking forward to the challenge, will keep you guys updated
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