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  1. I just seem players walk onto the pitch through a gap in a wall between a car park and the pitch!! Quite possibly the most bizarre I've seen so far.
  2. I had a decent career save in the Czech Republic a few clubs have decent sized stadiums and they tend to produce some decent players. Not always a regular in the Euro's or World Cup but have lots of potential to grow.
  3. You can use the editor to create real life fixtures and results, but they only work if you run a league with a later start date than the one you plan to manage in, (Sweden for example)
  4. Some interesting new features there, but nothing yet to make me jump on and pre-order FM 2018. I usually play FMT so not sure how dynamics will work (if at all) in that version of the game. Looking forward to some more over the next few weeks.
  5. I assume you're talking about FM Touch? If so, yes you can either purchase it or unlock it during the game by increasing your clubs stature.
  6. No problem, if you have any issues I will try and help you
  7. You do it the other way around, change Based Nation to Turkey and it will work correctly. I've just tested it and the regens you get are Turkish.
  8. I'm the same I'm a Man Utd fan but I never manage Man Utd because I prefer a challenge of taking a team to the top rather than keeping a team at the top. Last time I managed Utd was the year we were taken over by the Glazers because I thought it would be a financial challenge.
  9. I usually play on a Medium database with most European Nations loaded and sometimes Argentina/Brazil, China & the US.
  10. I would never manage Man City, Liverpool or Chelsea but have managed Arsenal in the past.
  11. 'Other Nations' just refers to recognised countries that aren't playable nations in game. To make Monaco available you will need to create a new nation simply by editing one of the extint nations (Czechoslovakia, CIS, Pre-Ireland etc...) to do this follow these instructions: Go to: editor/data/format/database/nation.xml (right-click open with Notepad) Scroll down until you find this section: <!-- Continent --> <record> <flags id="field" value="Ncti"/> <string id="name" value="Continent"/> <flags id="type" value="database_record_unique_id"/> <flags id="database_table_type" value="continent"/> <boolean id="is_client_field" value="true"/> <boolean id="is_read_only" value="true"/> Change <boolean id="is_read_only" value="true"/> to <boolean id="is_read_only" value="false"/> Save and reload editor, then edit one of the extint Nations (call it Monaco) then it should be listed under 'Other Nations' in the Editor
  12. I always load up the 'big' european leagues and two or three from the rest of Europe.
  13. I guess you just create the city in the Editor and add it as part of England, then create your club and set the city as Tristin da Cunha.
  14. I guess it would be the same set-up as the Conference North/South, clubs would need the D3 North/South assigning to their Regional Division so when relegated to that level they fall into the correct league.
  15. I remember on FM15 I had two awesome strikers from Botswana, they managed to even help Botswana qualify for the World Cup!!
  16. Click right on the file before opening an choose 'Open with' and choose Notepad that way you can edit the file and save it.
  17. Yes, I have had regens created (all those YUG players are generated regens)
  18. Yup, if you've edited it correctly that should be how it works. Hope it works out for you!
  19. I have just done a quick test with this and it works the same as FM16, Yugoslavia won't replace Serbia in the World Cup Qualifying (think groups are hard-coded) but when the draws for the later European League and Championship Qualifying Yugoslavia participates.
  20. I'd like this, for example if a player wants to move to a bigger club but you refuse his request (or not keep a promise) he could post something on Social Media and receive backlash from the fans putting a bit more pressure on you to sell him or they demand he be kept no matter what and what happens affects fans confidence in you.
  21. I just did a quick test with this, changed Aruba to Greenland. Edited all the cities longitude and latitude to match Iceland's capital and changed the weather etc...to match, moved the countries region to North America and it seemed to work. Regens were mainly white rather than Afro-Carribbean. Only thing I noticed was that the regens names were still using the same format as previous so instead of having Nordic names they still were given the same as previous- not sure how to fix/change that.
  22. Not exactly an advanced editor question, but is there no way to search quickly on this years editor? It's a bit of a pain to constantly have to click the filter arrow and then choose the 'name' filter. Much preferred the quick search box it always had.
  23. This is awesome. I'm working on a Czech Lower League Expansion and so many teams have no kits this creates them in seconds and saves me a massive chore!!
  24. Not really, but if I have the choice between a local team from a few leagues below I will always tend to accept their offer and reject the other. I like trying to get teams from the same area up a few leagues (eg, if I manage Utd I prefer to loan to Oldham, Bury, Rochdale etc than Oxford, Lincoln etc..)
  25. Thanks, the old turning it off and back on again seemed to do the trick!
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