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  1. On FM16 I took Slavia Praha to back-to-back Europa League wins and became the dominant team in the Czech Rep, spent about ten seasons on that save. Was hard to stop my top players getting poached by the top top European sides. On this FM I've just spent seven seasons with Cowdenbeath and took the to the Championship and finances meant I struggled to take the team to the Premier League, it was hard to get any decent fees for my Key Players when they were getting snapped up by the top teams and it's hard to keep replacing them. Sadly resigned and moved to Russia.
  2. I've noticed a few decent one appearing from the Czech Rep, can usually grab them at a decent price, also Portugal is always good.
  3. If you wanted to use a variety of tactics you can save your tactic and create a new one and then easily switch between them when you feel it's needed. It's not a problem in FM because familiarity with a tactics isn't on FMT.
  4. I've seen Wales win the 2022 World Cup, beating Burkina Faso in the Second Round, England in the Quarter Finals, Portugal in the Semi Final then Germany in the Final!
  5. There is an unlockable for this, if you can go undefeated in a season you will unlock it and it removes all the non-eu/player restrictions.
  6. I used to 'cheat' on the old CM days, but nowadays I play 'normally'. Well I do always use the unsackable unlockable when I've unlocked it on FMT not sure if that is technically classed as cheating to be honest.
  7. I had the same on my Man Utd save, didn't get given any transfer budget in the first January window.
  8. I could be wrong, but wasn't there a similar issue with Portugal on the last FM too? Able to pick up great talents in Portugal for really cheap?
  9. I just seem players walk onto the pitch through a gap in a wall between a car park and the pitch!! Quite possibly the most bizarre I've seen so far.
  10. I had a decent career save in the Czech Republic a few clubs have decent sized stadiums and they tend to produce some decent players. Not always a regular in the Euro's or World Cup but have lots of potential to grow.
  11. You can use the editor to create real life fixtures and results, but they only work if you run a league with a later start date than the one you plan to manage in, (Sweden for example)
  12. Some interesting new features there, but nothing yet to make me jump on and pre-order FM 2018. I usually play FMT so not sure how dynamics will work (if at all) in that version of the game. Looking forward to some more over the next few weeks.
  13. No problem, if you have any issues I will try and help you
  14. You do it the other way around, change Based Nation to Turkey and it will work correctly. I've just tested it and the regens you get are Turkish.
  15. I remember on FM15 I had two awesome strikers from Botswana, they managed to even help Botswana qualify for the World Cup!!
  16. Not exactly an advanced editor question, but is there no way to search quickly on this years editor? It's a bit of a pain to constantly have to click the filter arrow and then choose the 'name' filter. Much preferred the quick search box it always had.
  17. Not only does this guy have a great name Marek Marek, maybe he's the Czech Eminem I dunno but he also doesn't realise that Mladá Boleslav previous record high finish is 2nd so the 'highest-Mlada Boleslav-league-finishing-position trophy' would actually be the First Division trophy!
  18. I'll probably expand the Czech League to the lower levels and try and take a small club from Prague to the higher reaches of the Czech League and the who knows maybe become a force in Europe...may take a while!!
  19. Finally managed to play a few matches of my save and really enjoyed the Full version this year, playing as Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic. I seem to be doing well so far, picked up a few injuries but nothing too drastic to call a crisis apart from one guy who out for 12-14 months
  20. I must've missed it then, to be honest I wasn't expecting this to change so wasn't really paying attention to the screens once I had picked the leagues, set badges etc...
  21. Literally just downloaded the game and I'm not a fan of selecting a team to manage before loading/setting up the game, caught me out and I was wondering why I didn't have the option to select a team to manage after loading and assigning my badges and stuff.
  22. Urgh! I spent a rather long time using Notepad to create the correct fixtures and results for the Czech League and now I see there is a simpler way of doing it!!
  23. I won 11-0 against some obscure Czech non-League side in the Czech Cup.
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