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  1. Managed to get a few players in, a few on free's and a couple of loan signings. Started off and after a few games I'm hopeful we can avoid relegation. I think I got about £40,000 for winning the FA Cup!!!
  2. Managed to achieve promotion to the Ekstraklasa in my second season, still don't have much money and then board have given me a budget of £100,00 to sign players to keep myself in the Division. Can see it being a long season ahead!! Lucky I won the Polish FA Cup, so hopefully can garner some extra income via Europa League football (depending on how far I get).
  3. I've never seen Rooney leave Man Utd in any of my saves he always stays at Utd and then retired.
  4. I do enjoy Polish football and as a result I have a started a career as Zawisza Bydgoszcz, in Liga II. Currently trying to get them promoted in my second season, I'm enjoying the challenge as their isn't much money around in Polish Football (each month for me results in a loss) and its challenge to try and build the club up and try and make them one of the top teams in Poland! However this challenge has suddenly become tougher as Wisła Kraków have been taken over by an American Tycoon!!
  5. Recently started a new save and half way through the season and Wisła Kraków have just been taken over by an American Tycoon. Will be interesting to see what they do once the January Transfer Window opens.
  6. I haven't had my Oldham team taken over by a Tycoon, but there have been two Tycoon takeovers both happened to English clubs. Everton by an English Tycoon and Tottenham by a Brazilian Billionaire.
  7. Just having a look through my current save (Year 2020 - Manager of Oldham) none of the 'European Giants' have been relegated but the odd team here and there are no longer a major force. England Liverpool are beginning to struggle over the last few seasons. 2016/17 - 12th 2017/18 - 14th 2018/19 - 14th 2019/20 - 16th The other "big teams" in the Premier League have all being taking up the top six places in the Premier League. France No major falls from grace, the only real surprise you could say was that it took PSG until 2019 to finally lift the French League title. Germany Again no real surprises in this league, Werder and Dortmund have had the odd bad season here and there but nothing major as in the other seasons they have been in the CL places or chasing for the title. Holland Feyenoord had a terrible season in 2014/15 where they finished second bottom (17th) but managed to avoid relegation by winning their Relegation Play-Off games. Ever since that season they have been always finished in the mid table or bottom half of the League. Italy AC Milan have gone from title challengers to an average mid table side, in 2014/15 they had their lowest ever league finish where they finished the League in 15th. However the season after they finished 4th but have struggled since with finishes in 12th, 11th & 14th. Juventus had one dreadful season in 2019/20 ending up 16th - which was very bizarre since they won Serie A the season before!! Spain Malaga were relegated finishing 18th in 2014/15, but bounced straight back to La Liga. Suppose you could count Barcelona not finishing in the top three for the last three seasons as a surpise, although the lowest finish was only 5th. While overall no big teams have fallen really, some other teams have become title challengers, the most noteable is Genoa who have become one of the top sides in Italy (without a Tycoon takeover) consistently challenging for the Serie A title - despite winning it it only once they haven't finished outside the top three in any of the last five seasons. On the International Stage all the major Nations still compete for the Euro's and World Cup with the odd team having a bad tournament here and there. The main surprise was Belgium winning the 2016 Euro's and Mexico winning the 2018 World Cup.
  8. some things i'd like to see: 1) when purchasing a player you should have the option to loan the player back to the club (e.g. like utd offered to do with Bale) 2) better player interaction, you can have mind games with rival managers, so why not players...it's been done so many times by Fergie, Mourinho, Wenger etc...saying certain players aren't that good they're just lucky, they only went there for the money etc. 3) better youth set-up, it'd be nice if some way you could set-up Youth Academy's in certain countries, so you'd get better forgeneirs coming through you youth team rather than just the odd spanish person. 4) testamonials for players who've been at the club 10yrs 5) atmosphere has effects on players performance, eg. players like Ronaldo thrive on hostile atmospheres..and other players could crumble under an intense atmosphere.
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