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  1. This applies to a number of that team. A lot of the same players were part of that team which destroyed England and seemed so fresh and exciting in 2010, in 2014 they were incredibly dominant and for that whole era they just seemed to have another brilliant young player coming through every season. They shouldn't be too old yet. Now they're so mediocre - it's astonishing to see a team like that so slow of thought and action and afraid to take any risks, it's like watching a Gordon Strachan team.
  2. First South Korea goal was so bizarre, Germany just stopped and let them walk it around them into the net.
  3. Another forum I use had the exact same problem with this software on mobile, it was rectified with a button which clears the text box, not sure if they added some code or something. (This forum http://www.rllmukforum.com/)
  4. If that's the criteria, appoint Al Pacino.
  5. 3/10. Poor football, boring matches, little drama, little that will be remembered. In the end the winners were a Greece '04 tribute act without the appeal of being huge underdogs knocking out big guns that Greece had. And Greece had some dramatic matches to be fair. Wales, laughable England and Iceland were the highlights that gave it a bump, though, and some matches had great atmosphere. The world cup was consistently poor when it had 24 teams, this followed suit. It's a dreadful format. This tournament should be no bigger than 16 teams - the strength of it was always that it was in some ways 'harder' than the world cup due to the strength of every team.
  6. Always worth a bet on a red card and/or a penalty when Collum is ref.
  7. Arnautovic having a strop at the end there. Maybe be less ***** next time.
  8. That's how you finish, pay attention most of the other strikers in this competition so far. Hungary have surprised me, well worth the win.
  9. Hungary are surprisingly decent.
  10. Italy played exactly how you would want your team to play in a match like this.
  11. I am surprised pundits and other people are surprised that Belgium aren't beating Italy. Having a lot of EPL players doesn't automatically make you a great side, as most epl teams show.
  12. This is a horrendous match, two really **** teams.
  13. Bordeaux are probably the most chilled out fans of major French clubs, I wouldn't expect much trouble for fans from local ultras there thankfully. Places like Nice though have some really nasty ****ers among their fans.
  14. Seems like a perfect storm of local neds (Marseille has a lot of them from my experience), Russian headcases and standard English hooligans all being in the same place at once.
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