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  1. Think the latest one with 2k is still going on. It's insane really.
  2. Yup, but at the same time you have more overheads and no guarantees you'll get the money you're used to from the customers. Plus it's harder to plan and develop for the future when you don't know exactly what budget you'll get. It's doable - as Blizzard and Square Enix show. Doing it on a sports title though, that'd be a bit more tricky. You'd have to tie in licences for multiple years for a start. There'd be a lot of uproar if you lose the licence 4 years in and people suddenly have all their authenticity disappear. Or even their league just vanish. Not an issue for EA i'd feel, but for SI, a bit more of a concern.
  3. Problem with a subscription model is getting people to sign up and keep paying long term. So many people would just play for a month or two and stop. This means you would get something like £16 (based on £8) a month rather than the full RRP you'll get from the retailer for every copy they buy from you. (Not sure of the number, but for argument sake let's say £30 for a £50 game, based on the retailer getting just below 35% which is the upper scale of average in the UK) So if you sell 15m copies you currently get £30 per copy, but if you sell 15m copies and most people leave after a month or two you lose profit, especially as you'll have to set up a billing department, customer services etc. The gains are much more though. For people who play for the full year, you'll rinse them for £96 a year instead of £30. You'd have to be really sure that your playerbase will play and pay subs for more than x number of months to make sure everything is viable. It's risky.
  4. 100 customers was just an easy number to work with. I could have said a million if that makes you feel better? EA are looking at a subscription type model from what I understand. Bold move if they do that. A lot of people I know would be willing to pay £8 a month for FIFA if it meant they wouldn't have to keep buying the game every year. Granted, with it being EA they'd probably go more MMO style and charge £8 a year then another £20 for an annual update or something.
  5. 100 people buy something, 1 complains, 99 are happy. You won't change it for that one person.
  6. And every year it's the same logical conclusion. SI don't do it yearly, SI won't be in business any more. Of course, you can simulate the "not released annually" thing by buying it every 3 years.
  7. [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Oh dear. Well in lieu of Eastwood, they're my closest team.
  8. [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Cool, thanks. Don't worry about it too much though. Hanley Town will be in anyway. I can destroy them somehow. It's just a nice to have.
  9. [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Yeah it'd be ridiculous. Thanks though. Hopefully Eastwood Hanley will get promoted this time so they'll be in the North West Counties league next year. I want to play as them as their "Ground" pretty much touches my back garden.
  10. [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Assuming this is the same with the Staffordshire County leagues?
  11. You've also got Yuto Nagatomo and Assane Gnoukouri, both who have been with Inter for a while longer. The former who's selected in the squad. Now I could be wrong and they are the ones not registered as they're already at the club before 1/7/17 come to think of it. Maybe the game is registering Dalbert as a non eu correctly and not recognising they are there from the transfer screen but are on the news screen. Either way it's a bug, for sure.
  12. I'm guessing Dalbert is the issue as he's probably not been added to the squad in the registration screen as he's only just joined IRL so he's not played for them yet in game.
  13. Edit: original response was one from being in a bad mood this morning. There is a lot of things that don't happen here, there are a lot of things that happen in game worldwide that only happen in the UK. Picnic benches by burger vans are not really that important.
  14. These picnic bench things, I think they're an American thing. Some mls stadiums have like a pitch side table service or something. I think SI just looked at them and included a uk style picnic, because why not?
  15. Via the lane behind the second lot of advertising stands I'd imagine, then walk through the picnic area to the exits on the other stand.