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  1. monkeywool

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    Yeah I never get the mentality of "yearly incremental updates don't give me enough, so release it ever 4/5 years" You can simulate that experience by buying it every 5/6 years as the incremental updates will make the game like new. Fm19 is not the same game as FM13.
  2. That's 25. I like my squad to be bookended by keepers. In fact, subconciously I think I have my second string side go from 25-15 in position order. I'll have to check that, but I just realised that feels like what I do as from memory my defenders have generally 20s and my midfielders have teens.
  3. Give my brightest young prospect number 13. This is to symbolise how close he is to the first team. Number 12 is for the fans.
  4. German national team maybe? Or perhaps lower league Germany.
  5. Cisse is a champions league winner- so could qualify as a champion, technically.
  6. I like it. Still got into an argument with Moreno about playing time though, the players do drop grudges now though, which is nice. Previously they hated you for all time in my experience.
  7. monkeywool

    Bernd Leno Appreciation Thread

    Karius mode: Activated.
  8. monkeywool

    Is 19.1 now the full game?

    Wait and see by the sounds of it
  9. monkeywool

    What did I just watch?

    I almost signed him for Dortmund. Bullet dodged!
  10. monkeywool

    Is FM too easy?

    Weren't Leicester 5000/1 the season they won the league or something mental? I'm finding it surprisingly easy to win games with Liverpool this year, last year was much tougher. However it's nowhere as easy as it was in 05 when I took Forest from league 1 to the cl final in 4 seasons and only signed Walter Bielsa in that time. Nor is it as easy as 04 when I had a network game and the 3 human managers all got well over 100 points, one of us even had the perfect season and won 38/38, the fa cup and league cup before having his first not win of the season in the CL final against another human manager. Or in 04 when my team went bankrupt, sold all our best players and we managed to win the league the following season with mostly newgens. It could be tougher, I feel like the new tactics stuff is a little OP against the AI at certain points but SI can tweak these things in a patch before release I'm sure.
  11. monkeywool

    Premier League Winter Break

    There can be development camps, just friendlies in the far east or US will be unacceptable to the PL according to the articles I have read. After all the clubs have lobbied for this to give their players a rest, so if they don't, then it'll just get scrapped after the 3 year trial period.
  12. monkeywool

    Premier League Winter Break

    I believe the agreement in place between the clubs and FA/PL is the money spinning friendlies are not going to happen.
  13. monkeywool

    Anybody else had to zoom in?

    I had to do this on 18. My wife won't let me get a bigger tv to play it on to be able to read the text at 100%.
  14. Liking it so far, haven't got past the u23 intra squad game though because Milner got injured in the 95th minute and the game stuck on pause "waiting for the u23 squad to make a change." There was nothing I could do to move it along.
  15. Yeah the Daily Star showed up on my breaking news feed on my phone with the press release stating it's happening tonight.