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  1. I've had plenty of players who have wanted to leave us to go to one of the big boys. The majority of time I've managed to keep them by doing well. Eventually the team gets uninterested and the guy backs down. Sometimes they don't though. Lost 1 guy on a bosman because of it. Those are the breaks though. Ultimately you need to decide whether it's potentially worth squad harmony being dropped for as long as he takes to get over it. If it upsets the whole squad and the morale drops as a result you're going to have a bad time.
  2. Anyway, regarding your original comments. You seem to be comparing different scenarios. "fine before this batch you either paid a premium like city wanted 300 mill for a 16 yo ok cool or they didnt want to discuss it at all im cool with that" "its not realistic for a 15 yo without a contract to want 50 k a week period and no silly argument you put forward will change it" City wanted £300m for a player under contract. You have the situation there where they've signed pro terms. Whereas you have a 15 year old not under contract in the other scenario and can talk to them without the club knowing. Realistically, clubs in England don't get to know their intake with a fresh batch on 15 year olds that turn up for a trial, these players have been at the club since as young as 7 on a year to year contract. This simulates a group of players that "graduate" the academy and have been a part of the club since day dot. It's natural for a player to not particularly want to move unless they are offered silly money. It's their way of saying "nah I'm OK thanks". Previously SI had these players flatly refuse to move, which is slightly unrealistic. Money talks, right?
  3. You started playing CM/FM 3 years before the original CM was released in 1992? Good stuff!
  4. True. I hate the fact you have to rely on a third party's service being available to be able to play a game you bought and never play online. It's mental.
  5. "forever" until the next time denovo decides it wants you to log in online and authenticate at least.
  6. On the flip side I did this to Manchester United as Notts County the other day. We were trailing 1-0, I made a change and the subs I brought on changed the game. We scored in the 92nd and 94th minutes to win. Pretty sure in alternate universe where ai is sentient they'll be on the SI forums saying it's not realistic I just did that to them.
  7. Based on the screenshots, Giaccherini and Meggiorini came on, they changed the game - Giaccherini with 2 assists and Meggiorini with a goal and you either didn't notice or didn't adapt until it was too late and they had their tails up which is unfortunate. It happens though, Man City won their first PL with 2 injury time goals IIRC.
  8. Cloud stuff is a huge technical overhead and is a massive project to get that up and running. It also costs a fair whack because of this which is why the likes of SI more than likely won't be going with that kind of thing in the near future.
  9. 38m for that amount of seats would lead me to believe that is already the case, the improving the stadium condition part being a factor in the cost. Or a whole new stand has been built, which should amount to the same thing
  10. From what I understand that's the most common. I read on here somewhere that Miles had plenty of meetings with ministers and the FA and this was the "most likely scenario". Some of the brexit rules don't take these guys into account as foreign until the contract renewal stage. Some count it overnight, it all depends on the rng gods.
  11. I'd like an option between 100 and 125. I play on a tv and 100 sometimes is too small, but 125 just destroys the number of useful panels.
  12. Pretty much sell now or for less later unless you can convince him to stay and sign a new contract during the period when the transfer window is closed. This happened to me with my star player, Richard Tipple who is a 5 star potential 4 star actual winger at 19. Liverpool and Chelsea were sniffing and offering 30m I told them 150m and they backed off, he complained for a while but never got to the stage of transfer request. In the winter I offered him a new contract, set a min fee clause at 150m and now he doesn't complain when i reject bids for him. It was close though, I had my captain talk him out of leaving and I spoke to him using the "why would you want to leave" option and he agreed. Others have handed in transfer requests and I've rejected them as I don't sell my best players in winter, but by the summer they have usually calmed down and retracted it by virtue of the clubs they want to go to not being interested any more. Usually if it happens in the summer and I have a fair few options in my list I'll sell for as high as I can and replace with someone cheaper and younger.
  13. Bet he was absolutely loving it when he got a hard Brexit though, SI cater for all tastes.
  14. I took Notta County to the premier league in my save. First season there we Mourinho it at OT and win 1-0 with 2 shots. They vastly underestimated us. By the time the return fixture came about, well we beat them at their gaff, should be easy right? 4-0 loss later and we're being sent packing after an admonishment. We stayed up that year and subsequently in our second season we were beaten 6-2. They don't underestimate us any more. Maybe this is what happened? Just simply a more "we're not going to let this one happen" mentality from the whole team.
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