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  1. In my case it was simply a case of time. Got a huge project on at the moment at work which is regulatory, so for all of our clients. Means pretty much full days every day and don't get home till 7.30/8 so i'm knackered.
  2. monkeywool

    H&M's racist jumper

    Who puts down a snickers to bang?
  3. monkeywool

    Game about to go bankrupt for a 2nd time?

    Ah yeah. You did say that you couldn't see. Sorry about that. Was tired as anything last night and missed it.
  4. monkeywool

    Game about to go bankrupt for a 2nd time?

    What game was it? Might have been crap. I'd rather that than selling an age rated game to someone when it's obviously for their kid.
  5. monkeywool


    Macclesfield to Manchester went up apparently. So did the season ticket for all lines from Stoke to Stockport. I got lucky I guess.
  6. monkeywool


    I was surprised to see my season ticket price to Stockport on virgin didn't change. If I went as far as Manchester I think it would have though.
  7. monkeywool


    As long as the people of London get to Manchester faster, who cares about the rest of us though?
  8. monkeywool

    This Logan Paul fella...

    I hate this new phenomenon so much. There are a lot of people now in society who see something that shouldn't happen, or a tragedy and they whip out their phone and record it, rather than do the right thing. This takes it to a whole new level though.
  9. monkeywool

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    Might even have the women's one close the show, especially if they go with a deeply unpopular winner of the men's. Which is standard nowadays.
  10. monkeywool

    Is this reasonable?

    It's also typical of a cynical selfish older generation to profit from someone in need, even if it's their family. Despite the generation below them not being able to have savings without living with parents who are charging them the same amount as average rent in the area for a 1 bedroom flat. This being a direct result of said generation's own selfish greed. The millenials are not generally entitled or ungrateful, and if they are, its not without reason. They are the first generation in many that are actually worse off than their parents and have inherited a mess of a world to boot.
  11. monkeywool

    Is this reasonable?

    Oh right yeah. Mine isn't really mean as such. She's crazy racist though. I guess that'd make her mean come to think of it.
  12. monkeywool

    Is this reasonable?

    Don't follow?
  13. monkeywool

    Is this reasonable?

    True. I'd wager they were expecting you two to leave as soon as your wife got a job. It's been 7 months you've been there now? I had a similar thing when I moved back to stoke, but my stepmother didn't put anything up she literally sat me down and said "you've been here too long, find a new place." You could have a chat with them to see if they want you there. How close are you to saving for the deposit?
  14. monkeywool

    Is this reasonable?

    There's no way 2 working adults are costing an extra £400 a month in bills. Unless you're eating a ridiculous amount of food that is. Charging you the same as a rent isn't really doing you a favour, it's a subtle hint for you to get out of there asap.
  15. monkeywool

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    Interesting they are announcing an NJPW Video game at the fan day. Maybe WWE 2K will get some quality competition as the games have been lacklustre for a while. At least in terms of gameplay.