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  1. Bet he was absolutely loving it when he got a hard Brexit though, SI cater for all tastes.
  2. I took Notta County to the premier league in my save. First season there we Mourinho it at OT and win 1-0 with 2 shots. They vastly underestimated us. By the time the return fixture came about, well we beat them at their gaff, should be easy right? 4-0 loss later and we're being sent packing after an admonishment. We stayed up that year and subsequently in our second season we were beaten 6-2. They don't underestimate us any more. Maybe this is what happened? Just simply a more "we're not going to let this one happen" mentality from the whole team.
  3. I got sacked on the 31st December in season one as port vale manager. Most annoyingly it was just as I climbed out of the relegation zone.
  4. The 2d engine. I know it's antiquated, but it still has its uses and a certain charm.
  5. I'm currently struggling to get out of the championship, so it's not that easy. Not sure what the guy who took Lincoln to the premier league did in the Championship, but boy do I need a little bit of luck. Or a defence, or just generally the ability to hold on to a 2 goal lead really. We'll get there in the end, I'm sure but currently it's difficult. So not successful yet in so much as winning the premier league. I promoted Notts County to the Championship though, so that's good I suppose. Success is relative after all when you're outside the top 6 clubs.
  6. Well he is a 160 CA player now. His visible attributes will look the same as when he was 135 and he won't have as much room to improve them compared to his PA, but the trade off is he can use both feet which gives him more options on the ball when it comes to passing and shooting angles and crossing.
  7. Points in the weaker foot attribute directly contribute to CA. The player will have the same attributes as currently with a 135 CA but with the ability to use both feet, so will be better.
  8. My point, which you misunderstood, was that SI won't arbitrarily increase the difficulty. That is to say they won't basically make the game more difficult for difficulty's sake, they've mentioned this in countless threads over the years when people have asked for things like difficulty levels. The difficulty curve on this game is centred around how realistic it can be. The more realistic it gets, the more difficult it will be for people that don't get how football works. The game is more complex now than it was and more difficult as a result. I did not say the game is completely realistic currently, but that's the goal. SI want this game to be an accurate simulation of football, which is a noble goal but will never be fully achieved in a game setting, but they can get as close as they can. People who are acing Dafuge's challenge have been doing it for years, they know the game and football inside out, this is why the challenge exists, mostly to give experts at FM a challenge. Now, if you want to debate this further by all means go ahead, but kindly drop the attitude a little please. Sarcasm and aggression is not warranted nor required.
  9. Ernst also counts as a trained at club guy, so I'd keep him in.
  10. I'd wager there are no such plans to make it arbitrarily more difficult. The game has increased in difficulty over the years, FM19 is much more difficult to succeed in than 10 years ago for example. SI has mentioned multiple times there is no plans other than making it as realistic a sim as possible. With added realism will naturally make the game more complex and difficult for some and probably easier for others. That's the nature of it, some people just "get" how football works and some don't. Liverpool this year for example has been dubbed easy mode for some, winning the league at a canter. Yet there was someone here earlier this week struggling to get them to score goals. I found the game easy as Notts County precisely until the point we hit the championship, now it's a slog to get out of the league and hit the next level. At the end of the day in FM it is (and always has been) a case of "it's as difficult as you make it"
  11. Depends on the rules. Any EU player will be foreign. Normally UK won't unless Scotland get independance, I have Ireland not class as foreign. So Ake and Dembele will be foreign, if they don't have a second nationality. Tierney should be OK unless Scotland split. It'll tell you in the rules.
  12. I don't tend to go unbeaten as if I win the league with games to go I play my youth prospects to give them game time and let the first team concentrate on any cup games I have left. So we tend to lose one or two after we've sealed the title.
  13. Do you have room for extra coaches? what's the star rating and work load for your current coaching setups?
  14. Yeah but that doesn't happen in academies. Clubs give the kids a whole year when they sign and renew/reject at the end of the season. They don't have a monthly keep/don't keep session with the first team manager. The first team manager is rarely involved in this because he is generally not an expert at youth development. The Head of Youth Development is. They talk about how it's going, how the prospects are getting along and what he's looking for when they are ready but the head is in control. Now some clubs are integrating their training facilities with youth teams so the first team manager can be more involved in the youth system, or at least able to monitor them and have a a closer relationship with their academy staff, hence why I suggested we should be having intakes as early as 12 and viewable squads down to that level (if you request the board to integrate your youth and first team facilities) but it's still a long way off the manager deciding whether a 15 year old will make the cut based off a monthly cut list. In essence what we have now is you doing that when your player "graduates" from the u16 section and is either ready for a scholarship or to be cut loose. That's the decision you make currently.
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