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  1. I thought Steam could save screenshots easily nowadays.
  2. Why should someone develop on a platform that is loss making just because the company is making a profit overall? That's just bad business and the resources can be put to better use elsewhere.
  3. monkeywool

    steam: offline mode?

    Thanks for the tips folks. Internet is back up now so I'll note these down in case it ever happens again.
  4. monkeywool

    steam: offline mode?

    Yeah I have seen it's devubo or something like that. Looks like each game has a token that sets how often you need to be online for it to launch. I guess game dev tycoon and cities skylines have much longer expiry dates than FM, as They were launched way before FM last was. I just tethered my phone to the PC and got a new token, so all is working now. Cheers.
  5. monkeywool

    steam: offline mode?

    Which is fair, except for my wife can't use my library (network outage affects her too) but I can play cities skylines and Game Dev Tycoon offline right now. Most curious issue.
  6. Has the ability to play fm been taken away from offline mode now? I'm in a service outage and tried to launch fm18 from offline mode thinking that, at worst my cloud saves won't be there. When I launch I get a small box telling me for a first launch go into online mode though. Why is that?
  7. Didn't notice I put in a minimum fee clause for Suarez. He went to Arsenal for £40,000,001. Fummin.
  8. I know, but I train him to play on the left as well.
  9. Baros was number 5. That used to annoy the living crap out of me, no striker should have a number 5! It's unnatural.
  10. first thing i do is change TAA from 66 to something normal, like 3. If you're not 1-25 you ain't in the squad. Goalies get 1&25 and 13 goes to the guy I feel is going to breakthrough this season. Other than that if the player feels like he wants a particular number he'll get it. If he plays in that position. I'm not gonna give Firmino the number 5 for example.
  11. monkeywool

    The FM18 OTF/FMO Network Game XI

    In my case it was simply a case of time. Got a huge project on at the moment at work which is regulatory, so for all of our clients. Means pretty much full days every day and don't get home till 7.30/8 so i'm knackered.
  12. monkeywool

    H&M's racist jumper

    Who puts down a snickers to bang?
  13. monkeywool

    Game about to go bankrupt for a 2nd time?

    Ah yeah. You did say that you couldn't see. Sorry about that. Was tired as anything last night and missed it.
  14. monkeywool

    Game about to go bankrupt for a 2nd time?

    What game was it? Might have been crap. I'd rather that than selling an age rated game to someone when it's obviously for their kid.
  15. monkeywool


    Macclesfield to Manchester went up apparently. So did the season ticket for all lines from Stoke to Stockport. I got lucky I guess.