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  1. Thank you for my appointment as PR officer, anything i can do to help ;0
  2. Yep, count me in. A viable alternative is needed as IMO, FM is played mainly on laptops (well mine is) and the 3d can be very straining on the resources of it, a decent 2d would be good
  3. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=122036 Its just about having graphs for attendances through a season.
  4. And someone applied to Middlesborough wanting the mangers job quoting his success in FM. Their chairman replied saying something like he wouldnt be suited to Boro becasuse he was over qualified! Fair play Steve Gibson, and he donated to charity because of that aswell. A big for the smoggie chairman!
  5. Wolves 3 -4 Real Madrid (Champions League 1st Knockout round, 2nd leg) Although i won on aggregate 6-5 over the 2 legs
  6. LOL, agreed! When you mishear your mrs saying "reports" as she is marking them (primary school teacher!) and replying "those reports are absolute rubbish, i've never even heard of ...." then silence from both of us as she looks at me like im some weirdo!
  7. when you phone up the world football phone in on radio 5 live to ask about a player who is blinding on your save game but have never heard of in real life!
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