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  1. I did have the strange situation on my current save where I made a promise to strengthen, succeeded by signing a player (it said as much on the Promises screen), but the player (who had originally complained) remained unhappy about the situation for another 3 months (!) before randomly deciding he was okay again after we had a decent run of form
  2. I think the change in this version of how condition is represented is great and it definitely triggered my thinking about how I'd feel about a change in attributes as well. On reflection I think I'd definitely be in favour of it (as an option for those that wanted to use it rather than a permanent thing). If I'm comparing two players, 'under the hood' they would still have differing attributes that would hopefully be reflected in their stats and coach/scouting reports, or represented in the match engine, but on the face of it I'd see two players that might be 'exceptional', or 'good' at cer
  3. If you are the national manager does it give you the option of asking players in this situation to swap nationality?
  4. Hoddle repeatedly using the phrase 'Love Train' is unsettling
  5. Surely you take off one of Alli/Lingard/Sterling for a more combative midfielder now?
  6. Kane is an utterly superb striker. Incredible temperament.
  7. Colombian player was trying to scuff the penalty spot then
  8. Wouldn't disagree. At least he's trying to show for the ball. Alli in particular has been utterly anonymous.
  9. Think they were complaining that the second line was further back than the first one
  10. I'm not getting on the 'Sterling is terrible' wagon, but he's just... weird. Seems to fall down on the absolute basics so many times and makes frankly terrible decisions regularly. Going to say he's far better making runs and stretching teams than he is dropping deep and trying to show anything technically clever or intelligent on the ball.
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