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  1. Excellent story - keep up the good work! Exciting to see, if you move to a bigger club soon. You seem able to get the very best from your players - any tactical tips for us?
  2. Actually I don't go with a lower individual, but even with that on heavy you can still train at the normal general level. If you are trying to teach a player a new position you might have to dial down the focus though. And good luck with Viborg - you'll need it! They went up this season thanks to ending the season with around 18 games without defeat (and the competition stumbling a bit). I suspect they are favorites to go down next season, but you never know. I plan to catch a few games this season (live...).
  3. I feel that you can get away with general medium and focus heavy if you have a good team. Some players will whine, but only the poorer ones. If you set general to low you will actually get some complaints from player who want to train more (and they are the top-professional ambitious ones). This does give you less influence on a players total development, so may not be optimal for those who want to mold a player precisely.
  4. I wouldn't be offended if he accepted the same deal or a marginally lower wage at the U, but deciding to work for half wage is absurd.
  5. Annoying that players demand so much! I tried to sign alaba (sp) from Bayern, and he turned down a first team offer of 95k euro p/w and made a deal with man utd for 47k euro p/w instead...
  6. I think this version differs from the last one I own (FM11) in that the players are much less willing to accept other terms than they demand. Before you could get some players to go down 10-15%, but that just doesn't happen anymore (at least for me). If he wants 850 I feel fortunate to get 800, and probably have to accept 825. The same for 5 increases and wages after x league games. I don't know if it's more realistic, but it has clearly been changed.
  7. It would be easily changed if SI made "footedness" one of the stats unaffected by CA. If you want to create a really good player you have to make him really bad at the thing you don't want him to do, so there is more CA for the good stuff. That include only making him capable of playing one position (or at least it used to - FM13 seems to have more versatile players). A bit silly that you become a better passer if you're bad at free kicks and throwins, but I suppose it's a balance issue. If you make a CA 200 player with all 20'ies you end up with a player with 16-17 in all stats (except bravery, agression and other apparently not affected by the CA ceiling). Still a very good and very versatile player. I wonder if there is a list over what stats are unaffected by CA and what aren't - including different weights (I suspect a 20 in shooting is more expensive that a 20 in throwins). Would be easy enough to check I guess - I just haven't edited players in the last couple of versions.
  8. I read a good advice here, that said that you could instruct your team to keep possesion as much and possible (no long shots, short passing, no runs). Combined with time-wasting and maybe dropping deep you can make a lot of time pass that way. Defensive gives the possesion over to the opponent, and that makes them more dangerous.
  9. Thanks. I can see the advantage of different lineups compared to just different roles and strategy. The problem is, that you buy good players for the position you have in your standard formations, so you would often have to either field players out of their usual positions, or use a lower quality of player to fill out the other formation(s). I can't make a winger amc or striker help out much in defence. I tried building a defensive 4-2-4 once, but it didn't really work... With the right roles all midfielders will pull back and help though. Either way three cm's or a dmc are sometimes a good thing to have.
  10. Do they get injured in matches or in training? Silly question maybe, but injuries during training can be lessened by turning down the intensity. I've read, that very tired players get injured more often, so if your players often get a low condition during a match, that could also be the problem.
  11. Thanks for the reply! I usually have a defending, standard and attacking tactic in the three slots, offen with same basic lineup (4-4-2 usually). Maybe I should reconsider that strategy.?
  12. I've played this game since the early 90's, and I'm still an amateur... I read a lot about people changing a positions role, depending on what player is available. Switching a striker from target man to poacher (and changing team strategy to not playing with a target man). My question is this: Doesn't this decrease the tactics fluidity (the one you can improve with pre-match training)? I always thought it did. A side question: Lets say you have two tactics trained to fluidity (one is defending and the other is overload in mentality). Does that mean, that you can change the overload one to defending mentality while playing without losing fluidity? I hope I stated these questions clearly enough - otherwise I'll gladly elaborate.
  13. I totally agree! A list of what attributes are affected would be nice (and it shoud show on the training overview)
  14. two strikers both on attack would require a lot of support from the am's. I've never done it, but prefer a deep-lying supporter coupled with a more advanced striker. The support guy gets at least as many goals for me though - the advanced one gets the fast breaks and the one-on-ones with the keeper.
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