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  1. Where are the team talks?

    In the Team Talk tab of Tactics.
  2. Great. Another tactic developed during the first half of a season is now utterly useless. I preferred it when you could choose when to install updates - ie over a close season rather than midway through one.
  3. Have been over to the tech issue subforum. Bad news I'm afraid, the new FM just doesn't run on them. You now need to have the upgraded video card (even if you don't want 3D).
  4. Is there any way to disable all 3d / fancy graphics options before starting the game. I have no intention of using 3D, but the game crashes on load because I use the built-in graphics processor on my MacBook? If the video card is required for the rest of the game I'll just cut my losses and leave it.
  5. Oh well. I guess FM12 doesn't work on my old MacBook as I don't have a fancy graphics card, not that I ever used the 3d match screen. Never mind, goodbye FM...