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  1. Hey Guys, Does anyone know if the National Team Management should become available in a current game when you purchase the DLC or whether it only becomes available in new games that you start from the point of purchase? I can pick international terms on the setup screen and they show in the job security screen when I start a new game. But when I filter on international jobs in my current save the screen is just blank.
  2. Been wondering this for a while, but how do you decide how many players to keep in the first team and who to drop to the reserves. Traditionally I've had first teams of over 30 players but I'm wondering if this is actually the best way to go. It does mean I'm having to make sure that a lot of my unused substitutes are available to the reserve team until match fit. What do others do?
  3. Wonderful tactic mate. Decided to give it a go, had nothing to lose my Palace side that had been promoted through the play-offs to the Premier League were sitting bottom with 11 points after 24 games. Lost my first game to Man U away 3-0 using this but then decided to persist and what do you know, in my result of the season my Palace team overturned Man City who were sitting top in the league winning 2-1. If I don't win another game I will treasure that victory
  4. Thanks knap will look up www2's tactic and see what I can do with it. Season at a crucial part really, 21 games played, only got 9 points and bottom. But only in the bottom three by about 6 points so if I got a bit of run going I could drag myself out. Board are sticking with me for some reason which is a relief.
  5. Thanks for the advice knap, haven't tried it too much because i'm in the middle of a tough season I do have some good wins in the cup competitions against such mighty opposition as Grays but not much else. Will maybe try organising games against the under 18s in international weeks to get the team used to the tactic. Can I ask what sort of players you suggest in the DM roles, do you just play straight DMs or would you be looking at playing DMS who can also play as AML and AMR? Also can you explain what you mean by www2. Thanks mate.
  6. This tactic worked beautifully in the Championship for me. Got Palace promoted through the playoffs. However now i'm in the Premier League against much tougher opposite I'm struggling with it. Won 2 out of 10, Lost 7 and drawn 1. Have used some of knaps changes in the hope this might help but to no avail. Team are still playing well even after big losses most players are showing a 7 apart from the two DMs who constantly show 6s however I play. The switch to zonal seemed to tighten my defence up a little, although when I moved the creative freedom bar up I reckon the passing wasn't so crisp
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