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    Spent 30 years in the UK and then decided to move out to Australia.

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    Melbourne, Australia


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    BBQs, beers and sun

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    Crystal Palace
  1. Survival

    Yeah, I'm doing worse than Holloway though! Its my team so obvious choice, just wondering how long i can go for without the sack. Only on a one year contract too
  2. Just wondering if anybody else out there has started a game with Crystal Palace? And if so how long did they last. Only a few games into the season but getting smashed over and over again.
  3. Cheapest place over here in Oz was Steam!! Retailed for about $80 in the shops, Steam was selling it for $40 US and we're at parity at the moment.
  4. I play as Melbourne Heart in the A-Leauge. Mine would have to be Archie Thompson from Melbourne Victory!! Grrrrrr
  5. I use Steam for quite a few games and have to say I have hardly any problems. Only slightly annoying one is when Steam seems to take forever to log in
  6. Wonderful tactic mate. Decided to give it a go, had nothing to lose my Palace side that had been promoted through the play-offs to the Premier League were sitting bottom with 11 points after 24 games. Lost my first game to Man U away 3-0 using this but then decided to persist and what do you know, in my result of the season my Palace team overturned Man City who were sitting top in the league winning 2-1. If I don't win another game I will treasure that victory
  7. Fm10 or Fm11

    Personally im liking FM 2011. There are a few things I don't, like the fluid negotiating thing, but over all an improvement I reckon.
  8. Are you not able to bump this up with a signing on fee? I always used to get players that way when the board wouldn't allow me to go above my wage budget, i offer them what the board would let me and then quadruple the signing on fee
  9. I got mine for $40 from Play-asia.com, I use them to order most of my games from. Postage is about $5. Awesome service, and always send me $5 off my next order
  10. Well at least I know its not me. Mildy annoying though.
  11. Well maybe someone should do some statistical analysis (as long as its not me ;-)), if you worked out what round of the cup your in and how many teams are left then we could figure what the odds are that it likely to happen
  12. International call ups

    Is it not possible to withdraw them from the squad?
  13. Ive noticed this a lot and not just in this edition of the game. But I seem to get drawn a lot against the team I played in the league immediately before the Cup Draw. Its all a bit freaky really. And then, whatever the result was in the league I tend to get the opposite in the Cup Match, although this could be because it is normally the league cup and I basically send out my Crystal Palace reserve side.
  14. Yeah I'd say it was pretty realistic
  15. Yeah for me im in two minds. I have started to play the demo and got through 3 friendlies with my Palace team. However, I don't really want to continue a game with a small database and only the english league available. So i'm not sure what to do. Its good to get a good tactic going, but if I start with Palace again i'll just have to repeat everything up to this point. Decisions, decisions