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  1. I finished my 5th season yesterday and finally have some silverware! Managed to finish 4th in the league and get to the semi's in the League cup. However I won the Europa and the FA cup with some brilliant performances. Sanogo finished top scorer in the league and my youth facilities are starting to pump out some good prospects. Only signing I made in January of the 5th season was Jefferson Montero. Brilliant signing, only cost me 2.2m from Chelsea and he has been a breath of fresh air on the left wing. He got me many vital assists. Despite having a small squad I have coped with any injury crisis thrown at me and kept all my players happy. I feel like I should be spending more money on the team as I've got a 38m transfer budget and an extra 200k available for wages but my team is pretty strong and good prospects coming up for areas I want to strengthen. Only dramas are that Steele and Rhys Williams feel like they've achieved all they can at boro and want to move. Managed to convince them to stay for a while longer, but not sure how much more. Hopefully long enough for my youth players to make the step up
  2. Merry Xmas Steam Achievement

    We're having a few tech issues with the #FM12Xmas achievement. If they aren't fixed by 8pm UK time, we'll run it as a competition instead. Thats miles' latest tweet
  3. Merry Xmas Steam Achievement

    Apparently its not that easy IWWROCKS. Having just gone through the Christmas period in game today I've not unlocked it. Plus I've seen tweets from miles saying that its not just playing the game on christmas
  4. Merry Xmas Steam Achievement

    I'm still waiting on the twitter updates for the first clue. But should be interesting trying to figure it out
  5. An Increase In Red Cards?

    It does seem excessive. Especially since I'm lucky to get more than 2 yellow cards in a game. I'm a couple of seasons in and I've managed to keep the discipline pretty tight at the club so I don't get that many suspensions but now it's getting outrageous
  6. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced an increase in the amount of straight red cards that have been awarded since the patch. In my last 4 games, 3 as Middlesbrough and one as USA I have had 3 players sent off. The USA player may be just down to me not knowing his temprement, and that could possibly explain my middlesbrough players red card (Jack Robinson). Normally I'm lucky to get more than one red card a season. So to get so many in just a handful of games is quite worrying. Anyone else had this happen? Or should I just put it down to one of those rare occassions where my players lose their discipline and get fined till they behave [edit] Make that 4 straight reds in 5 games now
  7. I have just finished my 2014-15 season. It went incredibly well! After a very very poor start to the season and rumours of me getting the sack I managed to turn my fortunes around by switching from a 4-4-2 to a 4-1-2-2-1 (using dmc, 2mc, aml/r and a lone striker). I managed to finish in 4th place after only losing 4 league games from mid october. Several runs of consecutive wins and hard battled draws kept the form up. Lots of stand out players for me but the best has to be Yaya Sanogo. 24 goals, 12 assists and 12 MoM awards as well as being named in the premiership team of the year! Emnes also had a good season playing at AMR, scoring 18 goals and getting a place on the bench in the premiership team of the year! Jason Steele managed to keep 15 clean sheets, with much help from having Scott Dann and Kyle Bartley acting as rocks in defence. My finances are still looking healthy at the end of the season. Not gone into debt despite making a loss each month. Mainly due to my rise in wages after a few signings last summer. Very chuffed I have champions league football next season. Hopefully I can make it into the group stage just for the television revenue. My aim for next season is to try and finish in a position in the table to guarantee Europa qualification and hopefully win either the FA cup or the league cup. Didnt have much chance this season due to tough draws early on in the competition.
  8. The referee being at the opposite end of the pitch to where any tackle happens. He then somehow manages to decide it's worthy of a card. Must have some super eyesight!
  9. I've given my boro save a bit of a break but just recently got back into it. Will have a midseason update in a few days probably. Mike J - Well done on getting rid of some of those players, I've struggled to get rid of a few of them and had to wait for contracts to expire on some. Hinkel is a brilliant signing on a free, I sold him on after 2 seasons for someone younger and of enough quality for the premiership but for championship level he is amazing. If possible try and get the board to invest in the youth recruitment and training facilities. They've never turned me down and I'm getting one or two very good prospects through there each season. A lot of them seem to be strikers though.
  10. Up till this point I've never had any problems with FM that couldn't be sorted quickly. But I recently got bored of my Middlesbrough save so thought about starting a new game. I go to create the database and the game freezes. I think thats strange and reboot the system. I do a quick validation of the game cache and it says it's all fine. Then a download starts. I am then able to create a game. Now everytime I load FM up I had to get it to validate the cache, download some update (40.5mb) before I can play it. I find it hard to believe that this file needs downloading repeatedly over the past 2 days! Anyone got any ideas?
  11. when did fergie retire in your game?

    Summer 2012 in mine. Must have been the disgust at City winning the league.
  12. Boroboy - Ripley probably is good enough for back up in the short term. I just wanted a better quality back-up keeper especially with Steele playing in the olympics at the start of my premiership season. I wouldn't spend much on a back up keeper though, as many end up without contracts over the coming years. Ben Foster is currently unattached on my game and has been for about a year. A few european keepers get offered to me for cheap as well. I had a cheeky bid for Carlos Tevez during the summer as he was out of contract. Managed to get him to accept 53k wages and signing on fee of 1.3m and an even cheaper agent fee. However Real Madrid hijacked it at the last minute! Not that bothered as I was only trying to see if it was possible to get him on a reasonable wage rather than the daft money everyone claims he wants.
  13. Boroboy i recommend Dusan Pernis as a backup keeper, you can get him for a couple of hundred k and doesn't want that much money. I then send him off on loan as Steele never gets injured, and I can always recall him. I've finished my 3rd season finally. Managed to finish a very respectable 7th. Had a fairly hit and miss run in to season, but it's probably more indicative of what my form should have been like rather than the fluke of results I had to get me up to 4th. I have been linked to many jobs however I'm sticking with boro. Much more building needed. Due to my rather secure financial status I've decided to spend a fair bit of money. Players In: Jack Cork - 4.4m from Swansea Scott Dann - 11m from Blackburn (interesting to see how much cheaper he was a few seasons ago. He definitely looks like a top defender in summer 2014) Jordi Amat - 2.5m from Espanyol (could be a mistake but I only got him as cheap back up due to my players out) Andy King - 4m from Leicester Players Out: Eyong Enoh - 3m to AS Monaco(didnt perform as I wanted but still a tidy profit having paid 1.6m for him) Justin Hoyte - 825k to Burnley Stelios Malezas - 1m to Elche (again didnt perform in the premiership as well as I expected but still made a profit on him) Kevin Thomson - 3.5m to Burnley (he wouldn't accept a reasonable wage during contract negotiations so I got rid of him to pay to cash in) I'm having some difficulty getting rid of Bates at the minute. But other than that I am happy with my squad. Don't want to spend any more money. I have 10m in the bank and my wage bill is just under 400k a week. So hopefully I will continue to make a profit each month. Managed to make a profit of 12m overall last season. Don't think I'll do that well this year with my high spending. I've got a few good youngsters coming through, a striker and midfielder look incredibly promising. So hopefully I don't need to spend big anytime soon.
  14. It was Sigmund Freud that came up with the ego, id and super ego. Not Einstein. Back on topic I've found that slating my players and telling them how rubbish they are has made them go on to improve.
  15. Getting promoted definitely secures the finances. However I was making a profit most months whilst in Championship. I did spend most of my promotion season sitting about 4th then had a good run towards the end of the season. I've just finished the January transfer window. Season 2 in the premiership is going very well! Currently sitting in the lofty position of 4th! All those games previously ending in a draw I've been winning. With 13 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses. I managed to get into the semi final of the league cup before getting beat by Man City 2-1. Sanogo and Emnes have been in good scoring form, with 19 and 10 goals each respectively. I'm hoping to keep up this good run and finish the season strong. If I sneak a europe position then all the better. However the squad still needs massively improving.