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  1. Trading Game 2012?

    You can always not buy them.
  2. Deep Lying Forward - Support

    Del Piero, Totti, and Raul are the most successful DLFs in recent years, so just look at what they have in common
  3. 09/10 Update for FM 2009

    Does anybody have a link to a thread for a database updated for the 2009/2010 season for FM 2009? Was searching around the forums and couldnt find one. Thanks in advance
  4. FM update v.2 released!

    Can anyone upload it on another site? Having problems downloading it from mediashare
  5. I'm watching Italy - Serbia in the U21 WC right now and noticed that 8 out of the 11 Italian starters have been in my Fiorentina save
  6. Congrats, always glad to see a win over Inter, especially in big matches. And, I'm surprised Pape Diakhate has made it to your first team o_o
  7. Øyvind Hoas

    He's 209 pounds.........
  8. Buying Cesc

    I've gotten him for €62 million third season for a Valencia save a couple months back after praising/unsettling him. It really depends on how successful Arsenal is in your game. Once they drop out of the top 4 and don't do well in Europe most of their players become really easy to sign.
  9. need help, best goalkeeper?

    For Barca, I'd recommend Asenjo since he's Spanish. Otherwise, Akinfeev and Lloris are both world class.
  10. I always thought it increased the club's reputation.
  11. FM09: The Official What Team Should I Be Thread

    Thanks for the recommedations, gonna start the save tonight
  12. Davide Santon

    Because it'll take atleast 15m to sign him in FM2010 and that's a conservative estimate. Balotelli will also be extremely expensive.
  13. FM09: The Official What Team Should I Be Thread

    I despise QPR so their out. Wolves seem like too easy of a challenge, so either Leeds or Coventry. Which side has better English players?
  14. Changing maximum of PA

    It's also because Veloso is one-footed. If you want Cristiano Ronaldo to have insane stats, just change his weaker foot to 1/20. Of course, cosmetically he'll look monstrous, he'll actually be worse off in-game with a low weaker foot rating.
  15. FM09: The Official What Team Should I Be Thread

    Looking for a new challenge and decided to manage in England since I haven't yet. I'd prefer a team that's not in the Premier League, with a decent budget and stadium, and a good young English core. Any suggestions?