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  1. should i sell him

    Depends, Id say 27 million was more than enough to replace him plus the % you get of the money from selling him. How longs left on his contract? How much is he earning? You could probably get someone with less strain on wages. I personally would sell him but its your game mate and thats the joy of FM to try and make the right decisions sometimes they dont work but thats life.
  2. Ok, Hello everyone enjoyed the thread so far a very good OP McGougan33. Ive decided to this year play my usual Sevilla game while also playing a Lyon game (Playing Lyon first though for a while). I would love to sell Gomis for half of that but always have trouble selling players for good amounts. I added a few coaches and am also attempting to bring in 1 or 2 scouts, I only really got rid of 1 coach and 1 of the 2 assistant managers (Not sure what 2 are needed for). Anyway i have only played 2 friendlies so far winning both comfortably, Transfers have been tough with the new agent feature. Had Mexes, Santa Cruz and Almedia all asking for massive wages and huge agent fees which i just could not squeeze into my tight transfer fee/wage bill. With the 3 million pound i have been given i have bought Fazio for an astonishing 500k, Only area i want to improve for now is a backup striker but will have to sell Gomis first to free up some funds.
  3. FM 2010 Official Sevilla Thread

    Finally finished my first season, Started a network game with my brother. Me as Sevilla and he was Athletico Madrid. Transfers Decided i needed to strengthen the defence with a RB and a Pacey CB, Otamendi was a no brainer at £6.5m and after negotiating for many RB players with no suitable offers being accepted managed to get Rafinha for £15m. Also strenghtened the GK position with Ustari. The rest were all youngsters for the future including a young spanish regen LB named Carlos who i got for £11m with the potential to be great (All little steep but worth the gamble i hope). Table Had an up and down season with Barcelona comfortably leading the league by around 7-8 points up until the end of january. Barcelona then hit a rocky patch including a 5-1 demolishing at the hands of Luis Fabiano and co which saw me take the lead and i kept it right up to the last 3 games where real madrid went 2 points in front leading into the last game. That set up a tense finale with my last game being against Barcelona at the Nou Camp, Things were going well with me leading Barcelona 2-0 right up until the 85th minute when Barcelona pulled one back with a Marquez free kick and Messi sealed our second placed finish in injury time with a stormer from 30 yards out. (Real Madrid Drew too in the end which would have seen us champions if messihadnt have scored). Spanish cup saw us knocked out in the quarters i think to Tenerife after a 4-1 loss away never came back at home and won 1-0. Dissapointed with our run in the champions League, Stormed through the group stages which included Porto and Stuttgart. Which saw us drawn against Fiorentina in the knockout phase. We was poor away from Home getting beat 5-1 and things looked bleak, I told the team the pressure was off for the home match and just went all out attacking from the start. We dominated and could have won easily by 5 or 6, But it all ended 3-0 and we were out. Squad Was very pleased with my squad, Luis fabiano and Negredo were fantastic all season and scored constently to turn tons of games around where our denfence looked shakey. Jesus Navas was undoutibly the star player though and was fantastic all season scoring 9 and creating 18 in around 30 games (with 8 subs appearances). Rafinha was a little dissapointing though and hadnt settled at Sevilla all season even with a month leave to try to get his head together, Just started my new season and he has settled in eventually so hopefully he will do well from now. My brother had a good season, Both Forlan and Aguero were on fire and the latter picked up player of the year and golden boot. His defending was shocking though which is why his season was about the same as mine with a 3rd place in La Liga and a last 16 knockout stage of Champions League(Not sure who against Atm, will fill in later). Feeling pretty good about this season and have already done my signings, will update you on who i brought in and who got shipped out tomorow.
  4. FM 2010 Official Sevilla Thread

    Almost through my first season, My brother joined me in a network game and he picked Athletico Madrid. Currently sitting top of the league (just) with 10 games to go. Will probably get through it by tomorrow night so will do a big update on how i got on tomorrow.
  5. FM 2010 Official Sevilla Thread

    Nice team there mate, How have you done so far in league ect? Also do you not have fazio or capel? They look good and i reckon should be kept for as long as you can. Got some time today so going to play as much as possible, Had 3 friendlies so far and Fabiano is on fire. Will report back later/Tomorrow.
  6. FM 2010 Official Sevilla Thread

    It doesnt say that on my save mate says sevilla own it, So i made a board request to expand the stadium to find out what it would say and they agreed with me that it needs to be expanded and plans are afoot to expand the stadium. Sold Kanoute to Chelsea for £10m which didnt go down well with the fans but i believe they will come round if i start winning. Couldnt get canales as they wanted about £13m and i thought that was a little too much so got Vukcevic for £13m instead and Renan for the same price. Also brought in Diego Benaglio from Wolfsburg for £17m and am happy with my squad, Will ship out a few more and bring in a few youngsters for the future. I noticed that the backroom staff was very poor and so few. So had a complete overhaul of them and brought in a ton of good scouts/coaches aswell as a new Assistant manager. Will get some games in today and update you with how it all works out.
  7. FM 2010 Official Sevilla Thread

    Decided to start a save to have a little look at tactics staff ect then start properly when new update comes. May sell kanoute and play a 4-2-3-1 setup like Mikal has a few posts up, will need to bring in a AMC that sits behind the striker, Maybe Canales as one for the future as not too sure if hes stater right now. Squad is pretty strong already and think i will only need to strengthen the defence with a new RB and LB maybe, Will look to really concentrate on my youth team and bring in a few youngsters.
  8. FM 2010 Official Sevilla Thread

    Finances have never been my strong point, Could be a number of things. Sevilla if i remember correctly are a club owned by the supporters so maybe a wealthy buisnessman took over or something? Post a screenie of your finances screen and im sure some of the veterans on FM can help. Anyway i will be starting a sevilla save this year as i enjoyed a game with them last year, Not sure on whether to wait for an update if ones coming soon (one usually comes at end of january). Hopefully will kick some life into this thread.
  9. Nice start, Loved the long post. Tough chamions league group you have, But nice results against wolfsburg. Just hit january finally myself so will post an update at the end of window, Although i doubt i will change much tbh.
  10. I would be angry if half my players went on internationals duing a cup final. Maybe this is a bug because i read someone else had the same? Not that far in my season yet so fingers crossed it doesnt happen to me.
  11. I tried buying Nasri but couldnt get him Couldnt really say as i had none of these players but a lot of people in here have gone for gourcuff and they all seem to get a good return from him. But i would say if its not broke then stay with it.
  12. Nice Havent had the time to switch my pc on the last week, Not to mention play some FM. But have a few days off from work coming up to christmas so will play some Rice2cu I play Lisandro up top alone as an complete forward/Attack and pjanic behind him in AMC as trequarista and his return is 20 goals in 20 games.
  13. Nice results Jojko. Almost hitting january on my new save, will post an update on how im doing probably sunday Govou has played well but im still going to hopefully sell him in january. Depends who i can get to replace him and if anyone will take him. What do you reckon my best course of action is? Try renewing govou's contract first incase he doesnt move and i lose him for free? Then look for a replacement?
  14. Well luckily i was only half a season in, Ive got through my friendlies and am very pleased. Spent a fair bit on new players, but hopefully worth it in the end. Not too many players out though just anderson and Grenier (loan). Almost loaned Tafer out to get some first team action but he scored a fantastic hatrick which made me actually stop and look at the situation. With just lisandro and Gomis left if one got injured i would have no cover, Also i felt he would get better training facilities and some tutoring if he stayed. I know in my last save i praised Govou for his form but ive had a change of heart. His high wage demands are stupid and i think i will be looking to move him on, But with no transfer budget left i will not be able to find a replacement so may just hold out till january for that. Will update a little later on in my season.
  15. I think im going to start again. A number of things i think i have messed up on my lyon save, Biggest being i didnt load the lowest league and my reserves dont play. Also the amount of leagues i have loaded is making my game take too long and i havent got the time (and patience) to get through it. So im afraid im going to restart tonight for an hour and hopefully get through seasons a lot quicker and become more active in this thread.