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  1. Whats real life my leauge table in 2015? Or the system which obviously is real life but Im talking about the sequence of things which need to happen to make me go out this way. Twente had 3 penalties in the last game and 37 year old Frank Lampard scored all 3. Lol
  2. Lol only football manager could make this **** happen.
  3. So I lose because Twente scored one more goal than me?
  4. Ok FC Twente beat Barcelona 2-1 at home and lost 3-0 away, I beat FC Twente at home 3-1 and lost 3-1 away, I beat barcelona 1-0 at home and lost 3-0 away. LOL WTF.
  5. I just finished the group stages in the champions league joint on 12 points with 3 teams. FC Twente, Barcelona and me Shaktar. I beat FC Twente 3-1 and lost to them 3-1, and I had +5 goal difference and they had -1. And I scored more goals so why the **** did I not qualify?
  6. First season you should be able to win the league, If you loose Kara get Mobi Okoli in to replace him.
  7. I'm going very slowly I just beat Haugesund 2-1 and Irtysh 3-1 to reach the second stage of the Euro Cup, Straightedgehero I reccomend singing no one really unless you loose your key players, You can always sell your GK and use your loanee.
  8. Great season dexter no one stole Kara or Yttergard Jensen off of you?! Lol I've lost both and Im only half way into the season.
  9. Tromso 3:0 FC Irtysh Pavlodar Good solid win as expected now to wrap it up away from home. Next game is at home to FK Haugesund.
  10. I've just been drawn in the Europa League against FC Irtysh Pavlodar from Kazakhstan should be interesting, I expect to win but the first leg is at home which could be a handicap.
  11. Just played Valerenga In the 3rd round of the cup and beat them 2-1. Good win considering it was away from home. I've also signed Christopher Kleiven from start for 50K and he looks the real deal to replace Yttergard Jensen, hes only 23 and he has the following stats : first touch 15 long shots 14 passing 15 technique 15 creativity 13 finishing 12 dribbling 12 stamina 14 Basically hes a good solid attack minded CM to replace Ruben. Got a big break now maybe for internationals I'll update when I play my next match.
  12. Dexter I really reccomend singing Mobi Okoli if you can hes a beast and on par with Kara.
  13. Yes hes a beast a lot of there players are really good tbf like Remi Johansen Im using him to replace Ruben Yttergard Jensen and i Think he has it in him. Ye the molde stadium does look very nice indeed flogside tell me how you do too sign Mokoli if you can hes amazing replaced kara with ease.
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