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  1. None of my newgens faces are displaying Avatar not displaying - you can't even see anything to change it, also can't import image Dressing room not displaying I've cleared cache, reloaded and reinstalled
  2. Oh I wasn't suggesting anything was, just replying to someone saying "was that it". I'm more than happy with change list.
  3. That looks and I'm sure is a fairly substantial amount of changes to the ME? What do you think is missing?
  4. Ok so I've seen alot of complaints regarding keepers not playing it short. For what its worth when set to short passing and and play to defenders my keeper for the most part does play it out short but it often get's played the full back who is fairly pushed on. Which could be contributing to the keeper choosing not to play to defenders. However in my view the set up of defenders positionally isn't quite right for a possession based gameplan, unless there is away of achieving this that I haven't yet found . If your playing a possession based like Swansea for example, your centre backs would split and your full backs would push on to somewhere near the half way line. This allows a DM to either drop in to recieve the ball if the striker or strikers move out wide to cover or the centre backs are free which is quite often the case unless the opposition are pressing quite high. The out ball for the keeper is then quite often a clipped ball to full backs or longer to a target man should there be no easy ball out.
  5. It also depends on the defence you are playing against how good the individuals are, how they are set up defensively and how you are setup offensively. Even with those stats I wouldn't expect your player to be setting up countless chances. What is his pass completion like? Is he attempting lots that you aren't seeing but are failing? Or the strikers aren't getting on the end of. Not saying this is the case here but I think there is a disconnect between what people expect and what happens in IRL. 1v1 conversion rates for example.
  6. Hello, how does setting up a LAN game work now? I'm having a get together with friends and clearly it will run much more quickly over a LAN than the internet? Is this possible? Massively disappointing if it isn't.
  7. Not sure if you have ever seen this site but gives great tactical insight and analysis and reflects a lot of what you say about the match enghine Interesting piece on Conte's "4-2-4" http://www.zonalmarking.net/2011/10/23/antonio-contes-system-isnt-a-4-2-4-but-still-provides-excitement/
  8. So because you can't work out how to play the game it flawed? Never ceases to amaze me that when people lose they think they have somehow been cheated by the game and that they can't possibly be at fault.
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