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  1. I'm slightly disappointed that even though it was here on March 8th, I still have to edit some of the recent managerial moves - surely this could have been done by SI.
  2. yeah, i agree, but it would be good if there was some sort of alternative i think, and i don't think it would be too sophisticated to create.
  3. How about FM introduce a feature whereby instead of player pictures you can get a graphical version of the back of their shirt? Surely it would be a good way for users to avoid downloading facepacks, and it would be better than a plain screen. It would surely be pretty easy to implement, and would mean i didn't have to get rid of Jordan Tabor from Chelsea on a free to avoid seeing his monstrous face! It would also mean that you don't go through your squad and see players in barcelona shirts etc when your playing in the premiership... EG.
  4. Waldo Ponce has made me giggle a few times...
  5. I think if you take a job abroad as an english coach the fact that it is not your 1st language should be raised, and perhaps attract negative press - eg. capello, ranieri, ramos even beckham at Real. Also the option to have ur assistant deal with team talks and press during this period.
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