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  1. Starting again. This time I'm taking Skelmersdale. I learned a bit from the first go around (particularly with coaches and physios) so hopefully I'll make a better go at it with them.
  2. Yeah... I got fired by Dulwich at the end of November. Made the second round of the FA trophy but that's about all... Was sitting 16th when they fired me.
  3. So here I am again... likely to start the challenge and stop after 3 seasons... but all the same: I am the manager of Dulwich Hamlet Predicted to finish 13th so I'm sure I'll be fired by Christmas when we're sitting at the bottom of the table. So far I've managed to **** it up by hiring 2 coaches and therefore being unable to hire a physio because I got too excited with signings before checking my limits.... good start really. had a 4-0 win against AFC Hornchurch in a friendly though.
  4. Huzzah! A board that does things! I asked for more coaches and the Canvey Island board gave me 1 more slot.
  5. Starting again and taking over as the boss of Canvey Island. Had them for a time last year so thought I'd give them a go again.
  6. Yep... just got relegated... Sat at 19th for almost half the season and just couldn't stay there for 4 final games... Time to start over.
  7. aaand we just dropped into the relegation zone with 3 games to go...
  8. 8 games to go and I'm sitting just outside the relegation zone on goal difference alone. Going to be an interesting run home...
  9. Still in season 1 sitting in 19th place on the ladder. After 5 games without a win just thumped Staines (21st) 6-0 and got 5 players into the team of the week... WTH is happening with my team....
  10. Good luck. I managed to keep a few of the players on hand but with the new updates maybe you'll have a tougher time.
  11. I'm getting slammed all of a sudden. Just lost 6-0 to Dover and 5-1 to Bath. They're both top of the table teams but damn...
  12. Damn work makes my FM life difficult... stupid well-paid job... Anywho, still very early in my season but good to see the reputations are up now. 1400 for Thamesmead seems like a reasonable challenge. Happy with my choice.
  13. Decided to give Thamesmead in East London a go. Presenting the new manager: Lanthal Rowning We're pegged to come 22nd and the chairman wants to avoid relegation. Let's hope I can manage that. EDIT: Given that my starting senior squad has 9 players in it... this could be a rough first year...
  14. Oh dear... Time for me to yet again start this challenge and come nowhere near finishing it... Reloading now. Not sure who I want at all...
  15. Canvey Island Season 2013/14 Well... I am gutted. Absolutely gutted by my team. Table Graph We came so close. It came down to the last game. We needed to win to guarantee a playoff spot but the way the table ended up a draw would have sufficed. We lost 2-0 to Chelmsford. It was ours to lose, we were comfortably in the playoff zone and had a poor run of games right before the end of the season and we fell away. FA Cup was an exhausting effort for my players with two sets of replays. Fell out in the 3rd Qual. round. FA Trophy was over before it began. Transfers The usual massive ins and outs of a first season. Some of the players that I brought in ended up not getting a lot of game time and I'm hoping that with the way we performed this season I might be able to attract a slightly higher calibre of players for next season and a few of these ones will be on their way. Finances Staying well under the wage budget seems to have helped us to finish with a healthy amount of money in the bank. Hopefully next season I can finally convince the board to do something about our youth facilities. Players of Note Top 3 3. Francis Quarm: A player who was at the club when I arrived. A solid midfielder with age and experience to help the players around him. My only issue with him was the fact that he was very prone to yellow cards finishing up with 13 yellows for the season and a red. 2. Ashley Miller: This was the only player aside from my goalkeeper to play every single league and cup game for us. His free kicks were absolutely crucial in some of the games and he popped up with a few goals of his own as well as 5 Man of the Match awards. 1. Nico Thowgivat: Scored 11 goals - 1 less than our top scorer - but he also had 7 assists and was a real terror in and around the box. Hoping to get another good season out of him unless better strikers land in my lap. Season | League | Final Position | Achievements | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013/14 | BSS | 5th | Hmm... | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goals for next season If I do not get promotion next season I will find a way to hack the code of this game so that I can literally murder some of my players. I might see if I can get 1 or 2 loan players to help us over the line.