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  1. Ive played FM and other managerial games for years and i think that out of them all FM 2008 is without doubt the best but i think there is still room for improvement. Here are a few points that i think would improve the game for 2009 and beyond. 1. When signing a player i think that an agent has to be involved for example his fees etc as this is a big part of todays game. 2. Being able to approach a player illegally thru an agent with the risk of getting caught and fined for "tapping up" would bring a sense of realism. Agents pushing their players to you and players wanting to sign for you would be realistic aswell!!! 3. When making a signing a simulated press conference with manager, chairman and player at table with camera flashes etc, and questions about new signing being put to you. Answers to the questions being multiple choice. 4. This press conference would also be used when you take over at a new club. With questions like "Do you think you have what it takes to turn this club around?" would be fun and add realism! 5. I know points 3 and 4 are kinda in the current game but arent in this format! More questions would be good like "Who will you be looking to bring in?" "Will you be planning a clearout?" "How much will you have to spend?" etc.....etc! 6. I also think that young players who rise through the youth academy should be better as alot that come through are crap and its frustrating when your club has a top training academy and none make it to your first team (whats the point?) more promising wonderkids coming through would be great as everyone wants a rooney or a bojan coming through !!! 7. Being able to build youth academies in different countries would be cool with a pool of, for eg. africans to be able to choose from. Then if you have a gem you can select him and bring him over to join your academy. These would of course have a cost to build and run. 8. When buying a young player there should be an option to allow him to stay at his club on loan. 9. FM has got to bring in 3d stadiums as its something that is in other games and is fun. A realistic copy of current stadiums with the ability to pick and build new stands or built a brand new all seater. If you are a lower division club with a cow shed and sloping terrace and you take them to the premiership you need a stadium that suits and being able to see these improvements helps! As you can see that the club is moving forward!!!! 10. Designing new kits? 11. Choosing your sponsorship from an arrange of offers!! 12. Its annoying when a player who loves the club has their head turned by a club who quite simply in real life wouldnt happen, like for eg. C.Ronaldo interested in signing for Arsenal or Barry Ferguson of Rangers wanting a move to Wigan etc it wouldnt happen!!!! 13. Ive also found that with the current game, even though your wages are well below the wage structure the club still seems to lose cash at the end of each month for no apparent reason??? 14. Having more control over finances would be good like being able to take out loans to buy that striker that you cant afford but would fire you to the premiership where you could then pay it off!!!!
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