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  1. not necessarily. keep bidding low and make the club reject, it can trigger the player into turning in a transfer request and the asking price is usually lower than what the club wanted initially.
  2. I do a lot of youth scouting to find players to sign and develop and I've found that a lot of the best ones seem to hit their max PA really soon. They're already world class players as wonderkids. I have under 20 year old regens with better stats than mid 20s Haaland and Mbappe for example. Is this a regular occurrence with FM2020 or is my current game just a one off?
  3. Sorry to necro this but the same bug just happened to me and google led me to this thread. I believe what caused the bug for me is that when I tried to sub a player in during extra time before penalties and "waiting for break in play to make changes" shows up but the break never happens, so the player never gets to sub in before it goes to the penalties phase. The game is not frozen, it's still responsive, I can browse through everything as per normal, but the match state is stuck on pause.
  4. I think you misunderstood mate, my players were perfectly suited for their roles and positions with 1.2. Leicester's core squad fits your tactic well on paper, plus I had a lot of lucky signings. It was the alternative tactic (not 1.1 or 1.2) that I switched to mid-season that they weren't suited for. It somehow got us on a win streak to push from 9th to 3rd and to the CL and FA cup finals. ps. just noticed you said you've only played 1 1/2 seasons, it was in my 3rd season that 1.2 started having problems
  5. Sad to report that my experience has been similar to Majick's, but I was playing with Leicester. 1.1 did moderately better (finished 2nd two seasons in a row), but in the 3rd season with 1.2 the team struggled to create chances, with the majority of goals coming from set pieces instead. With the team in midtable, I decided to switch to a different tactic midseason with players playing out of their natural positions and went on a win streak climbing back up the table, so I'm pretty sure my squad wasn't the issue.
  6. Is it just my game being an outlier or did the last patch tweak the number of wonderkid regens? My latest game is only in 2021 and most of the star players, in their mid to late 20s, at top teams have already been replaced by wonderkids or young stars.
  7. it worked really well with Bury. I got promoted quickly from League 1 to the Premier League, but it started to fail in the Premier League, even though I had much better players who suited the tactic. Fullbacks seem to pick up red cards every other match too.
  8. Have regens' mental stats been addressed, especially bravery and aggression? I'm currently in 2036 and over the years, all the top players often single digit stats for the 2 I mentioned. Then you have regens with stats that seem illogical, for example http://i.imgur.com/PROzlr7.png technique: 9 dribbling: 18 first touch: 14
  9. Regens now have slightly better mental attribute distribution but the game puts an unrealistically low priority on aggression/bravery. I've played to 2028 and very rarely do any of the top outfield players have >9 for aggression/bravery. Football's evolved into a pacifist sport in the future.
  10. My best regen in 2028, his stats aren't as good as my other strikers but he bangs them in I'm really disappointed that a lot of regens still have poor mental stats despite this issue supposedly being fixed in FM2015. Pretty much every world class regen that's not a defender has less than 8 for bravery/aggression.
  11. With Messi (37yr old in Barca B), Ronaldo (unemployed Asst Manager) and Neymar (32yr old experienced winger) not sweeping individual awards anymore in the future... It's Arsenal's turn!
  12. You can usually sign Lucas Romero for £5-7m in the first season
  13. I always thought the reports were more reliable since I assume they scout hidden stats as well.. For example Vincent Aboubakar had worse stats than all my strikers and he had the same rating as my other 2 strikers with better stats.
  14. The great exodus of 2022. As per my usual style, I sell my stars when they are around 28 years old for maximum profit and re-invest the income. I keep homegrown and English players until they're 32 though. Usually it's only 2-3 players but this crop of first teamers were all around the same age. Hopefully this season will be more interestingwith more regens integrated into the first team, the previous crop of first teamers were winning everything. I'm a little annoyed at the sale of Lucas Boye though, he's only 26 and I'd have played him in my first team for a season or two before selling. He's been in my u21/loaned out for the past 7 seasons. Unfortunately, my coaches gave him a report of only 2 1/2 stars, yet after I sell him my scouts instantly return with a 4 star report.
  15. Hahaha never had this superstition. Nowadays my mouse cursor is on my 2nd monitor when a match is being played anyway, so no hovering for me.
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